Instagram Copyright Rules for Music | How to Avoid Copyright Music in Videos on Instagram Legally 2020?

“How to avoid copyrighted music on Instagram?” is the most common question that you’re seeing on various social media platforms and also it may get pop-up in your mind after going through real-time copyright issues.

Isn’t it?

Hence, here are some simple things you should follow for avoiding music-related copyright issues on Instagram and Facebook as well. Before you jump directly into the bypassing copyright music tricks just have a look at some rules to post music with no copyright!

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How to Avoid the Instagram Music Copyright Issue in Videos?

If you would love the music that you watched in your Instagram Feed and want to use that particular music on your videos then copyright is a must. There are various ways to copyright music in videos so that you can use it to get the Instagram copyright music in videos. Make sure to follow these few tips and avoid Instagram copyright music issues to some extent:

  1. Need to give credit to the first composer while making use of their music.
  2. Request creators to share their music.
  3. Do changes in music beats. So, it won’t sound exactly the same.
  4. Utilize free music for your videos

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1. Always Give Credit To Owners & Creators of Particular Music Track!

It doesn’t matter whether you know the person or not but giving credit to their content when you’re reposting/sharing on your feed. If not given any proper credit to owners that lead to copyright issues and Instagram will delete your posts. So, follow the ethics and always give the credit to the creator if you want to display their content to the public. This helps for your account as well, because it adds authenticity to your page as people will notice you as a person of ethics.

After giving credits to the music also your account might be in danger if the owner doesn’t want his/her content to be shared anywhere. So, It’s Better to Ask Before Re-Posting!! Instagram itself doesn’t overlook to credit the owners of the content.

2. Appeal to Instagram Decision if you want to use the Music!

If you’ve used a copyrighted music track without any proper credits to the creator then the Instagram automated system identifies the copyright infringement and deletes your video. In case, you feel the deletion of your content is wrong and you’ve followed all Instagram music copyright rules then there is a chance to appeal to the owners to use the music. After appealing to the Instagram decision and owners don’t forget to provide proper credits in Captions.

Appeal option to avoid copyright music issue on instagram


3. Make some variations to the Original Soundtrack

One more solution to avoid the Instagram copyright music issue is making slight changes to the original music track and get aid to skip the automatic detection by Instagram until the creator finds your content. As they found the content of their own then they may claim a copyright music issue to Instagram and may get removed!

But changing the music track with other elements like adding a background sound or another voice doesn’t work 100%. So, it’s better to go with other methods as well to avoid Instagram music copyright issues. Well, if you find this is the best way then you may use various video editors applications (Android/iOS). To add background music to your videos for android users: “Magisto”, “VideoShow” and for iOS users: “Cameo,” “Magisto” are reliable ones.

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4. Use Copyrighted Free Music Tracks in your Videos!

In case your content needs a little touch with different music then go for the free copyrighted soundtracks on Instagram which helps from any type of appeal Instagram decision issue or copyright infringement issue. Well, you can take help from the internet and discover plenty of free websites that provide Copyright free Music. Some of the websites that offer Instagram free music copyrights are “”, “”

Use any of the websites and make them handle all your copyrights on Instagram. You would better use them rather than famous songs that can be identified in a millisecond by an Instagram automated system.

For more detailed information on How to Use Copyrighted Music on Instagram legally in 2020? Refer to the below video and get clarity on all your doubts about Instagram copyright music!

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FAQs on Avoid Copyright Music in Videos on Instagram

1. Can you copyright Instagram photos?

No! You can’t copyright Instagram photos. The most reliable technique to secure your media is not stolen and is not to share them on Instagram!

2. How do you avoid copyright on Instagram?

You have to follow three simple steps to ensure that you do not infringe the copyrights of other people on Instagram. They are as such:

  1. Avoid posting content you did not create;
  2. Get written permission from the author to post their content otherwise; and.
  3. Do not think the ‘fair dealing’ exception covers you without receiving legal advice first.

3. What are the Instagram Music Copyright Rules?

Fortunately, Instagram shared some of their Instagram Copyright Music Rules with users they are as fashioned:

  • Always post a video when you are sharing music.
  • Keep your video short.
  • Unlimited music for your Instagram Stories

4. What actions does Instagram typically take when copyright music is detected?

Whenever Instagram found any of the copyrighted music used by the user, they follow the below actions against them:

  • Mute your post and block the music from playing,
  • End your live stream, or
  • Takedown your Instagram post entirely.

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We hope the above furnished a few tips on how to bypass Instagram copyright music has been helpful for you to use copyrighted music on your Instagram videos. But, we as a team of recommend you all to focus on creating full-proof content so that you will never face any copyright issues. Please comment below and share your experience on this Instagram Copyright Music issue for better chances to avoid it in the future.

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