The Complete Guide on Instagram Filters: Best Filters on Instagram You Should Use in 2021 for Posts & Stories

Have you seen Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood Movies Guess the Gibberish Stories of your favorite Celebrities on Instagram? Have you come across with Which Disney & Pokemon Characters are you on IG Stories? Do you want to make your face with dog ears on Instagram? Come across the Harry Potter Quiz or Quiz Me challenges on Insta? Well, then, you must have seen Instagram Filters in action.

Yes, the answer to all these questions is Instagram Filters. Everyone adores them and they can help you try out new creative ideas. Think of all the quizzes and how everyone loves trying them out. If you’re looking to know more about Instagram filters, and discover How to find and use them in your Stories & Posts, keep on reading.

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About Instagram Filters

Instagram Filters are very trending and interesting to use on any occasion. Simply they are known as face filters which we have been using in various photo editing apps also. It gives an artistic look to your original picture and makes it very beautiful and amazing. These filters even can change your face in an interesting way by adding dog ears, cat face, Disney characters, studio effect images, and many more like this.

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Basically, Instagram filters are two kinds one is used for Instagram Posts and one is used for Instagram Stories. Filters of Instagram posts are basic and amazing ones to be used by people while posting their images and videos on Instagram. Well, coming to insta story filters you can discover plenty of new filters and effects which are separated into different categories.

Top 10 Instagram Filters in 2020

Let’s see about both insta filters further along with the best Instagram filters list that is trending and most popular in 2021.

Before going to know deeply about trending and popular Instagram filters list, have a look at the below points, and know how to make use of these amazing Filters & Camera effects on Instagram stories & posts.

How to use camera effects on Instagram Stories?

To take a photo or video with a camera effect option and apply some filters to it by using the search icon included in the list of Instagram effects in the story feature. Have a glance at the below steps for a clear explanation about how to use insta story filters:

  1. Tap the Camera Icon in the top left of the screen or swipe right from anywhere in the feed.
  2. Swipe left at the bottom of the screen and select an effect. To see effects from independent creators, swipe all the way to the left and tap on Search Insta effects Icon.
  3. Tap to take a photo or tap and hold to take a video. When using the front or back-facing camera, the effect you choose will automatically appear on the closest person’s face.

How to use instagram filters for posting

Steps to Use popular effects and filters on Instagram Posts

  1. Open your Instagram and click on the ‘+’ icon located at the bottom center of the screen.
  2. Now add any of your photo or video which you would like to post on the Instagram feed.
  3. After selecting the pic or video from Library, click on ‘Next’ and now you will see different Instagram filters.
  4. Use the best Instagram filter that suits the picture and give an artistic look to your image or video.
  5. Finally, add any Insta caption or IG hashtags relevant to the post and publish it on Instagram.

That’s it! Now you know how to use the Instagram filters so explore the new & trending filters on Instagram and increase your engagement by attracting your posts.

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Do you want to know what are the insta effects & filters going trend these days and using by your favorite stars? Then, have a glimpse at the below list of trending Instagram Story Filters and Effects in 2021.

Trending & Celebrities used Instagram Filters (Insta Effects) for Instagram Stories

For Instagram stories, you can choose new & trendy filters from the Effect Gallery option. Celebrities also explore new story filters from this amazing feature called effect gallery, usually, it does not include branded filters but you can still explore many new ones.

New 2020 Instagram Filters

Also, You can explore new filters from various categories like as follows:

  • Instagram
  • Selfies
  • Surroundings
  • Animals
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • Love
  • Events
  • Fandom
  • Causes
  • Colour and Light
  • Camera Styles
  • Moods
  • Funny

How to find new IG filters for stories

Few Insta Story Filters that are trendy & used by Famous Film & TV Stars

Below is the list of 10 trending & stars who used Instagram Filters for Stories in 2021. Make use of these filters and have fun at this Quarantine time. Create your own memories with these crazy and funny 2021 Instagram filters.

  1. Bollywood Movies – Guess the Gibberish
  2. Question + Answer
  3. Retro Film
  4. Never Have I Ever
  5. Bigode
  6. Make this face
  7. Glow
  8. Name Place Animal Thing with one Alphabet
  9. Quiz Me
  10. Twist the Tongue

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List of 7 Best & Most Popular Filters on Instagram 2021

Here are your most awaiting section, now you can know what are the most used Instagram filters by the people and amazing ones’ for your images and videos too. So, check out the list of 7 popular insta filters in 2021 and make your quarantine pics the most beautiful.

1. Normal

Do you love to be simple? Then, Normal is the best filter for you to take Selfies or pictures! People who love to be simple always think to keep it as original as possible without filters! #Nofilter tag supporting the normal filter.

Normal Filter to post original pic on Instagram

2. Clarendon (Most Used Filter throughout the globe)

The world loves Clarendon! This filter Brightens, Darkens, and Cools It All Down to make the picture adequate and brilliant. This one elevates both the saturation and contrast for brighter highlights and darker shadows without making skin tones look completely unnatural.

Clarendon Instagram Filters

3. Juno 

Juno is great for making your picture pop. If you want warm colors to stand out, brighter areas to glow nicely, and cool colors to be vivid
then Juno is the second-best Instagram Filter for your images and videos.

Juno filter for Instagram Posts

4. Valencia 

Valencia is also one of the most used filters for nature type of images. Hence, if click nature-related photos, this Instagram filter is of must use!

Valencia Insta Filter

5. X-Pro II

If you want your photo to be noticed! Use the X- Pro II & contrast with some brightness in the midsection. This filter is commonly used for highlighting your picture! You can use this filter when your picture is Intensifying darker areas and colors and Purposefully going for a very unnatural look.

X-Pro II IG filters

6. Lark

Lark will set up the Brightness, but keep it in the natural picture. Also, it creates a layer on your photo making the background and subject more appealing!

Lark Filter for Instagram Posts

7. Moon (New Entry)

Want to give a black and white look to your photos? Moon Filter does the work! For starters, this black and white filter adds more intense feel to the shadows, presenting your image look classy.

Moon Filter for Insta Photos

So above mentioned filters were the Top 10 Most used Instagram Filters across the globe!

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Looking for some awesome tips & tricks to use filters on Instagram and experience more engagement, go ahead and check out this video!

3 Important Rules for Instagram Filters

To ensure your filter game stays in check with your business goals, keep the below three guidelines top of mind.

  1. Be consistent
  2. Do not “over-filter” your photographs
  3. Ensure your Instagram filter choices stay “on brand”

FAQs on Instagram Filters 2021

1. What is Instagram Filter?

An Instagram filter is a face filter created with the help of various techniques like AR effect, etc. which can layer on your actual images or videos. You can use these Instagram filters while posting and sharing something on your Instagram stories. Instead of sharing your original pic, you can apply some IG filters like hearts, dog faces, cat ears, Disney filters, and many other Instagram filters to make it more fun.

2. What are the most popular filters on Instagram?

There are plenty of famous Instagram filters that are featured for you in the trending social media platform called Instagram. Some of the most popular filters on Instagram are listed as under:

  1. Clarendon.
  2. Sierra.
  3. Gingham.
  4. Valencia.
  5. Lark.
  6. Walden.
  7. Mayfair.
  8. Juno.

3. How Can I Find Instagram Story Filters?

Here are the steps to find & access the Instagram Story Filters easily:

  1. Hit on the camera to create a new Story.
  2. Swipe left at the bottom of the screen and pick an effect.
  3. You can keep swiping left to pick the one you like the most and try out all the effects available at the bottom.

4. How to Discover New Instagram Filters?

On Instagram, you can find new filters from the ‘Effect Gallery’ option. The steps to discover new Instagram filters are as follows:

  1. Open Stories tab
  2. Swipe left to see the first Filter
  3. Keep swiping left until you go to the last one
  4. The last icon allows you to discover new Filters in the Effect Gallery.


I hope you found the best one from the above list of best & popular Instagram filters. Do you need any other filter which you are looking for, then please share with us via the below comment section and we will get it for you soon and also update extra filters for your reference. Hence, visit our site regularly and find more information about Instagram Updates, features, new filters, the latest IG Captions, and Trending Hashtags, etc.

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