Turn On Post Notification on Instagram | How Do I Turn On or Off Push Notifications on IG in a Simple Ways?

Turn On Instagram Post Notifications: Instagram is a very big platform where common people, celebrities, and business people share some posts & videos for their followers to engage for good things. If you’re active on Instagram’s social media sharing app, then you might be likely following many influencers or creative or artists or informational accounts. Some of the posts from these accounts gonna miss on your feed due to the advertisements or other friends’ or followers’ updates.

Not to miss anything creative and interesting posts? The best way to overcome this IG issue would be to turn on the Post Notifications of your favourite accounts and get alerts whenever they post a story or post or video on their Instagram account. If you activate this Turn on post notification on Instagram then you’re assured that no post from specific people’s accounts will be missed ever.

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Not just posts & stories, Instagram Turn on Notification feature permits users to let Turn On & Off Notifications for Instagram live videos & IGTV. You’ll never change the Instagram Feed display order but by using these IG features you can receive notifications whenever your favourite accounts posted any posts or stories or IGTV or Live videos.

From this page, you guys will come to know & learn how to turn on post notification for iPhone and Android in the latest version. Okay, let’s start with the main topic “How to Turn on Post Notification On Instagram in a Simple Ways?”

How to Turn on Instagram Post Notifications Easily?

The steps that should be followed by the users to turn on post notification on Instagram for a particular account are as follows: Let’s take a look into it clearly and apply for your specific accounts.

  1. First, open the Instagram app on your device and go to the search icon and search for the specific Instagram Account that you wish to not miss any of their posts or stories or videos.
  2. Go to the chosen account profile page and hit the Following tab.
  3. In some microseconds, a popup will be displayed with many options at the bottom of the page.click following & enable post Notifications option
  4. Then, you will see the ‘Notifications’ option, tap on it and turn on the toggle for “Posts” or “Stories” or “IGTV” or “Live”.Enable Post notification for Posts Stories IGTV videos option
  5. That’s it! now you can watch the stuff shared on the specific Instagram account.

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Another Simple Way to Turn On Post Notifications on Instagram

One of the simplest ways is explained above to get notifications whenever your favourite people shared posts or stories on their account. An alternative way and direct way to Turn on IG Post Notifications is by scrolling the posts of your followers on your IG feed.

Yes, while going through the posts on Instagram feed also you can turn on post notifications directly. Here is a simple explanation of how to do it easily:

  1. For that, you have to scroll down to the post from an account you follow.
  2. Then, click on the 3-horizontal dots seen at the top right of the post.
  3. By tapping the icon you’ll see the “Turn on Post Notifications” option from the list.
  4. Hit the “Turn on Post Notifications”.Turn on IG Post Notifications Options
  5. Now, a popup will now appear on the screen indicating that ‘Post Notification On’.

That’s it! Finally, you will receive alerts every time whenever a specific person shares a photo or video on their account.

How to Turn Off Post Notification on Instagram?

Steps to turn off Instagram post notifications are similar to turn on post notifications. The easy steps are as follows:

  1. Go to the specific person’s Instagram account that you turned on post notifications.
  2. And click on the following tab and check the options displayed in the dropdown list.
  3. There you’ll see the “Turn Off Post Notification” click it
  4. Then, tap the toggle that you enable for stories, posts, IGTV, and disable it for the required one.
  5. That’s it! now you will not get any notification from that account when they share anything on their feed.

Well, you’ve given enough information on How to Turn on Post Notifications on Instagram? and How to Turn Off Instagram Post Notifications? in simple ways. Let’s take a look at the simple steps and try on your Instagram app to get all posts from a specific person.

How to turn on or off push notifications on IGTV app for Android and iPhone?

By following these simple steps, you can easily turn on or off Push Notifications on IGTV App for Android & iPhone:

  1. Go to their profile by searching for their username or tapping their username in Feed.
  2. Tap Following, then tap Notifications.
  3. Tap on the slider icon next to IGTV that assists you to turn notifications on or off.
  4. Or tap > icon next to Live Videos and choose any notification option.

If you have any doubts about this, just have a glance at the below some FAQs related to Asking Followers to Turn on Post Notifications on Instagram. Also, drop your comments or suggestions below & get better Instagram hacks, features, and useful information in future posts on our site Versionweekly.com

FAQs on Asking Followers to Turn on IG Post Notifications

1. How can I view the list of accounts I have turned on the post notification on Instagram?

Till now, there’s no option or feature provided by Instagram to view the list of accounts that I’ve turned on. But there is a way to turn off any of your accounts post picture/video post notification at any time.

2. Does it notify the other person when I turn on Instagram Post Notifications for their account?

No. Any of the people can guess or know which of their followers has turned on post notifications for them.

3. Can I turn on Post notifications for a public account on Instagram which I wasn’t following? 

Yes. You can turn on Post notifications for a public account. If the account is private and has accepted your follow request then you can turn on post notifications for that account.

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