6 Best Tactics to Increase Your Instagram Stories Engagement 2021 | 11 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

Tactics to Increase Your Instagram Stories Engagement: At the present juncture, social media marketing is all about engaging the audience you currently hold. Nowadays, it is not exactly for the views and reach of your posts or stories, but a lot more over how many people are reacting to your posts after viewing them.

Best 6 Tactics to increase your instagram stories engagement

So, we are here today to share some useful & important tips to do the same as what we discussed above. Yes in this article, you will find some essential tactics which you can be utilized to Increase your Instagram Stories Engagement.

In the current situation, people are going crazy about the stories. Therefore, implement the below jotted down tips which are worth considering and helps more in enhancing your Instagram story engagement.

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Okay, Are you ready to dive into the deep discussion about How to Improve your Instagram Stories Engagement?

11 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement in 2021

  1. Discover your best time to post
  2. Start conversations with Instagram Stories stickers
  3. Regularly test & analyze new content types
  4. Create “saveable” content for your feed
  5. Share data your audience will love
  6. Write longer captions
  7. Open up about your brand and business
  8. Add an element of fun
  9. Pay closer attention to your hashtags
  10. Create shareable content
  11. Create more video content

List of 6 Tactics to Increase Your Instagram Stories Engagement

Here are the 6 ways to get more engagement on Instagram stories. Let’s get started knowing each of them and discovers more about IG Stories Engagement in 2021.

best tactics to get more views on instagram stories

1. Narrate a Story

Actually, telling a story as an Instagram Story is quite an easy way to increase your Instagram Stories Engagement. So, try this easy method initially one at a starting, a middle, and an end.

I completely understand that just throwing a photo up is easy but to impress your audience it’s compulsory to add a little context and make them feel experienced is better.

2. Add Good Captions or Let Audience’s know to keep their Sound On

A naive, but smart thing to perform to increase your insta story engagement is to Write Good Instagram Captions to your video or image stories.

Okay let’s think honestly about this point, will you agree? most of the people not using their Sound on while searching via their Instagram Feed. In place of just being a presenter in a video, take some time to write down what are you saying in the story to improve your audience reach and responses.

3. Use Stickers

Add more colors to your IG Stories with stickers & emojis and make them funny & attractive to your audience. On Instagram, we have many types of stickers to add but there are two types of stickers especially which aid brands to raise their stories’ engagement. Have a look at them once:

Best practices for instagram poll stories

Poll Stickers

Nowadays, people are loving to react to poll stickers compared to other stickers because the question will be like your audience’s preferences, and that benefits you to make a choice in your business or it may be helpful like general feedback.

One of the coolest things regarding poll stickers is you have access to view the list of people who’ve given answers to your poll. Also, you can directly DM them up to 24 hrs to take the conversation furthermore.

Question Stickers

One more interesting and informative sticker that the audience is attracted to your Instagram stories is Question Sticker. You can easily provoke your viewers to ask you a question in your stories with the help of Question Stickers. It has its individual unique features that help you to increase your Instagram stories’ engagement. Want to know how it works? Okay, read these lines.

question stickers to increase engagement for your IG stories

If any of your audience asks you a question after posting question stickers in your story, you will get a notification and that’s the time to repost your question with an answer. After submitting the question, the person who asked the question will receive a notification that their question has been replied to.

Also, you can select a particular subject when you are asking your audience to Ask a Question? like biggest goals or many others that they would be interested to know from you mostly.

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Other Additional Stickers

Various other stickers like Location, Hashtags, emojis, or @UserId mention stickers are also very beneficial for your Instagram Stories engagement. They will also add some colors to your story and grabs your audience’s attention. So, choose the stickers wisely for your next stories and improve your performance.

4. Use Calls or Prompts

Use best call prompts to get views on Instagram

In some cases, it is very important to tell your audience about what you need them to do.

When it comes to your IG story engagement, you can use related prompts to increase your audience’s time spent on your story. Are you getting confused about the prompts that we can use?

Okay, see here for the prompts usage on your IG Stories to enhance user engagement:

Tap For More: If you want to use ‘Tap for more’ prompt in your insta story, then begin with one tile which asks a question, and add the prompt at the end. It creates curiosity in viewers and makes them click on it. So, build the next tile with proper and relevant info like images or explanatory videos about what you want to say/convey to your audience.

Hold To Read: Try adding more content like telling a big story as a text to your story or use the images which are informative or gaming such as guessing the unvisible item from the bunch of items. In these conditions, use the Hold to read’ prompt and make them see the full image or content clearly.

Get Ready To: It creates excitement and anticipation in your audience and aid you to set the tone for what’s coming in the future. If you use the Get Ready To’ prompt, it means you are preparing your followers to take a screenshot of the next slide, simply turn their sound on, or even easily turn their screen horizontally.

5. Screenshotable’ Stories

Almost all tactics’ importance is similar but screenshot-able stories are even more interactive to increase your audience reach and responses for your Instagram stories.

In case, you are in search of What is meant by Screenshotable Stories? Then look at the below examples about ‘Get ready to screenshot’ and offer various things to your viewers.

Wallpapers: Wallpapers add some value to your story because you are offering something little or big to your audience. It means your wallpapers may include simple images or pretty quotes. Also, there are few proven stories about these wallpapers sharing stories. So, Instagram Story Wallpapers is a chance for you to be creative, enhancing branding and brand values.

Fill in the blanks: Want to create some fun elements in your stories for the sake of audiences’ attention, then Fill in the blank Instagram Stories is the best one to have so much fun. Just think of it as a survey and gain some insights from your audience to use them for your business purposes, services, or other content. Remember to add your brand logo on your ‘Fill in the blanks’ tiles, and ask your followers to tag you in their insta stories at the time of posting or sending them to you through DM. Like that you can gather answers and fill the blanks.

Stories Battles: Gamifying any experience can be a great method to improve engagement. Implement this intellect to your insta stories – you can grant a prize to people who fill out your survey forms, or made a standalone and giveaway using the screenshot and prompts reposting. Moreover, ask your viewers or participants to tag you or use a hashtag in their story or send it through DM (direct message).

How to get more followers on Instagram

6. Direct Message (DM) for Download

As I said earlier that social media marketing is all about producing engagement and let them talk to you. If you follow all the above tactics then the result comes to the final call to action, it’s nothing but the Direct Message. This is the page where all your applied tips will result. From this, you can collect a list of people who are interested in particular subjects. So that you can concentrate on the highest reach subject for the next stories and create some more user engagement for your Instagram stories.

How to Fix your Instagram Engagement Drop?

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23 Powerful Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

  1. Post consistently.
  2. Build a strong brand.
  3. Don’t preach—tell stories instead.
  4. Explore the full range of Instagram video formats.
  5. Have a visually consistent feed.
  6. Use SEO to ‘win’ Instagram.
  7. Choose the right hashtags.
  8. Focus on user-generated content.
  9. Take advantage of Instagram’s video ad formats.
  10. Use Instagram video subtitles and closed captions.
  11. Activate Instagram Reels.
  12. Embrace Instagram AR filters.
  13. Give Gifs a chance.
  14. Use Instagram traffic to increase website traffic.
  15. Partner with micro-influencers to create brand authenticity.
  16. Host an Instagram contest.
  17. Convert Instagram followers into email subscribers.
  18. Use emojis effectively.
  19. Embrace Instagram Stories.
  20. Promote your Instagram channel on other social accounts.
  21. Add a link to Instagram Stories.
  22. Track and learn from your best-performing Instagram content.
  23. Add CTAs, everywhere.


Guys, Instagram stories can be the best way to stay in your followers’ feeds. So follow these 6 tactics to increase your Instagram stories engagement and spark your creativity. Also, think more about what other options can do for you to enhance your profile and insta fame. Bookmark our site and get more updates or information like this for making your Instagram account in the top users’ list. Do share this article with your loved ones by using the below social media platforms panel includes WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and pocket.

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