Women: Best Healing Gemstones For Women

Best Healing Gemstones For Women

Gemstones have always been celebrated for their healing properties. They also release negative energies from the body and make people more positive. A few gemstones are very favourable for women as they unveil the mysteries of female consciousness and heal at all levels of her being. Some of these gemstones are listed here.

Natural Pearl A pearl is a beautiful cold gemstone embraced in the moon’s energies. It is found in the shell of an oyster and has a dazzling luminosity with varying hues. A pure pearl can help in decision making, enhance mental peace, balance emotions and eliminate fears. A pearl is also associated with tranquillity, innocence and purity, It cures eye problems, breathing disorders, menstrual disorders, hysteria and cardiac troubles. Pregnant women are given a powdered pearl dissolved in water to overcome calcium deficiency.

Yellow Sapphire
Substitute of yellow quartz or citrine, a natural yellow sapphire or Pukhraj helps in the treatment of allergies. cholera, diabetes. backaches, hysteria, influenza, hernia, sunstroke and abdominal complications. This gem also improves marital relationships. Ruled by Jupiter, this cold gemstone invites blue cosmic rays and helps girls to find a match.

Blue Moonstone
Blue moonstone is a powerful stone. It affects the female reproductive cycle and boosts fertility. It is linked to the pituitary gland, alleviates menstrual related troubles. eliminates toxins and stabilizes fluid retention. Women seeking their ideal weight are recommended to wear this gemstone. This gemstone filled with reflexive, feminine energy soothes emotions and prevents overreactions to situations. The crystal attunes to the biorhythmic clock and promotes harmony, peace, reflection, empathy and psychic abilities.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and peace. It has a very soft and pure energy that purifies and heals the heart. Placing this crystal under your pillow will help in restoring trust, assurance and harmony and will also bring romance and feel- good emotions into your life. Apart from healing emotional trauma, it is also useful in the treatment of sinus, vertigo, kidney, heart, depression and weight loss problems. Loss of love and pain of rejection are difficult to handle – these emotional traumas obstruct growth of self-worth and self -trust, the rose quartz removes negative energy and replaces it with positive vibes.

Cat’s Eye
This is a very powerful hot gemstone also known as the dragons tail. It helps the intellect and provides strength against enemies. It offers protection during pregnancy, supports women involved in litigation and is ideal for women always on the go, as it keeps one safe. The gemstone also cures people suffering from cough. indigestion, cancer, cholera and skin troubles. Tiger’s eye is an alternative of cat’s eye.

This gemstone when placed under the tongue. changes colour in the presence of false friends and turns pale when the love is waning. Ruled by Mercury, it is used to predict and analyse situations. It protects pregnant women, is associated with faith, trust, love, friendship and kindness. It dispels evil spirits, promotes love and domestic harmony. This gemstone also has a cooling effect and it cures nose ailments, eye problems, typhoid, insomnia, mental focus and menstrual disorders.

Blue Sapphire
Ruled by Saturn, the blue sapphire plays a positive role in curing arthritis, ulcers,  kidney, abdominal troubles, allergy, jaundice, chronic fever and epilepsy. It invites reputation, longevity and endurance. This gemstone brings in wealth and success and should be worn with a red coral or copper ring. Some also use it in a powdered form or take it with honey.

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Women can wear these crystals or gemstones as a pendant, a full necklace or as a ring. They can also just be carried with them in the pocket. However, do ensure that the gemstones you get are natural and are not altered with dyes

Amber is a self-healing stone and works well for improving overall health. It is a fossilized resin given the title of a gemstone. Pure amber detoxifies the body, calms the nerves, attracts good luck and increases intellect. It also soothes emotions and promotes faithfulness in relationships. It is a gem of virtue and truth.

Turquoise is a crystal of purification that dispels negative. energy and provides I solace for the soul. The stone is known to change colour if your partner is unfaithful. Women politicians, lecturers or public speakers should wear it as it calms the nerves. The stone is excellent for strengthening the immune system, alleviating cramps and viral infections, supporting the assimilation of nutrients, healing cataracts and regenerating tissues.

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