How to Add Polls on your Instagram Stories? 10 Creative IG Story Poll Ideas & Best Practices to Use Insta Story Polls

Looking for creative ways to engage with your audience on Instagram stories? There are plenty of great Instagram poll ideas you can use to do that!

Are you ready to dress up your Insta Stories with these amazing Instagram polls? Want to see how this poll feature gonna workout with your brand?

Then dive into this article! and discover what actually Instagram poll is? and how it works for your Instagram stories?

Okay, let’s start this! 🙂

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What are Instagram Polls? How to Use Polls on your IG Stories?

Instagram Poll is a new feature where insta lovers can ask their followers to choose any option out or two. IG Poll sticker engages your audience to your stories and also improves your story views. You can use this Poll feature for asking doubts, questions, things to do, hacks, tips, DIYs, surveys, and etc. These Insta Polls allow you to Ask a Question to your followers, with a choice of two customized responses or default YES/NO responses.

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A poll is nothing but a sticker provided by Instagram and it is only integrated with stories. Yes, you can only use polls in your Instagram Stories.

Are you excited to start using polls in your Instagram stories? If yes, then go ahead and refer to the further modules to know how to create, add, use, monitor, & share polls on Instagram stories.

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How to use poll on Instagram Stories

How to Create & Set up an Instagram Poll Story

The polling feature is one of the trendy & most used features on Instagram. This feature is only available for Insta stories. So, try your next Instagram story with this cool feature called Poll. You can use it in various ways to engage with your followers. So, view the below steps and create your own Insta Story by Poll Sticker feature.

Step-1: Create a Story Post 

First and foremost create a story that you want to ask/share your viewers. To maximize the impact of the poll, your IG story should include some connection related to the topic of the poll.

After deciding the context of the poll, take a photo, or create some text, or any background post for your story. Add IG Captions, hashtags, filters, emojis, or mention to your story, along with the space to add the Poll.

Step-2: Add a Poll to Your Story Post

To add a poll to your story. Click on the Sticker icon (the square with the face) at the top of the Story screen and select the Poll sticker option.

click on poll sticker

Once you tap on the option, it displays Ask a Question and below Yes/No poll box on your story.

Type question in poll

Type the question that creates some excitement to your viewers and vote for your poll. You can ask any type of question, so go creatively! if you need some ideas to create an interesting poll look further sections.

Customize responses image for insta poll story

If you want to customize your poll box with some other responses then tap on yes or no boxes and type your response options. You are limited to create each text option up to 26 characters in the poll.

Step-3: Place Your Poll

Once you’re done with all creations and changes to your poll, click on the checkmark or Done button in the top-right corner of the story screen. Finally, the poll sticker will appear on the center of the screen, you can adjust it by dragging around the screen for placement and pinch to make the poll sticker larger or smaller.

Place the poll sticker

That’s it! you are done with the process of creating a Poll story on your Instagram. you can even check the below video for more clarity on How to create and use Instagram poll stickers on IG Stories. Furthermore, you even have a look at the steps to monitor & share your poll results in your Insta Story.

[Video] on How to Add a Poll to your Instagram Story?

Still confused to create or use a poll to your insta story, watch the below video and clear all your doubts on how to add polls on your IG stories?

How to view/monitor & share the results of your Instagram Stroy Poll?

Above you have seen how to create a poll on an Instagram story and now you will know about how to view your poll results, excited?

Okay, Let’s begin!

We know everyone’s most awaiting moment after anything on social media is about results in terms of views, likes, comments, messages, etc. So, just follow these lines and check your poll story views and results. Simply open your created poll story & view it, in the lower-left corner of the story screen you will see your follower’s views just tap on it.

After tapping on it you will be redirected to another screen where you’ll viewers and who voted to your poll and how many votes you’ve got for each poll asked on your Instagram Stories.

How to view Instagram Poll Results

Have you understood? If not just look at the above-shared image and try it on your own Instagram Story Poll results.

Now, let’s see how to share your results back o your insta story to reveal for your viewers and followers.

Okay, when you open your story views list, you’ll see the “Share Results” button as shown in the below image. Tap on that button and it will open up the results in a way that you can immediately share right back to your Instagram Story.

sharing insta poll results

Best Ideas for using Instagram Story Polls

Eventually, if you’re planning to start using poll stickers in your Instagram Stories to increase your brand awareness. Then, you need some good ideas and thoughts to make it succeed! So, here we’ve driven collectively some ideas to use polls on IG stories.

Best practices for instagram poll stories

Well, we have several ways to use polls and get valuable feedback. For example, If you are into styling, you may ask your followers “Do you like my OOTD?” or What you want me to post Women Fashion Tips or DIYs? 

Ideas may differ from one industry to other, so I have listed a few generally used Poll ideas for you below:

  1. Ask about the next topic to post on.
  2. Any specific requests?
  3. Asking about favorite food.
  4. Ask about whether the content is helpful or not.
  5. Opinion on recent news.
  6. Any secret confession!
  7. Feedback about the product, service, or company.
  8. What do you like the most about the account?
  9. Asking about the favorite sport.
  10. Asking about the next holiday trip to take, and many more.

Here you go New Instagram Stories Tips, Tricks & Hacks in a video. Just watch it and try on your stories to get more engagement & story views.

Instagram poll ideas

Here are a few common types of Instagram polls:

  • This or that Instagram poll
  • Try out sliding scale polls to engage your followers
  • Yes or No Instagram poll

Creative Ways to Incorporate Polls on Instagram

  1. Ask for Feedback
  2. Take Advantage of Trending Topics
  3. Market Research
  4. Plan Events
  5. Determine Contest Prizes

FAQs on How to Add Polls on Instagram Stories?

1. How do you do polls on Instagram?

Simply open your story screen and just tap on the Sticker icon (the square with the face) located at the top of the story screen and click on the Poll Sticker option. You will find the Poll sticker on your story screen. Now, add the question above the Yes/No poll and that’s it! Now your followers can see your Poll sticker story and vote for you. That’s how you gonna use Polls on Instagram.

2. Why use Instagram Polls?

The main motive of Instagram is to get interactive and engage with fellow followers and explore more on IG by their users. With the help of IG Polls, users can ask for anything from their followers or fans. For example, What do you want to post next on my Insta Story? Ask me questions? these polls create some own space between you and your followers. So, listening to them will definitely aid you to make a better connection.

3. What are good Instagram polls?

Asking likable trivia questions is a simple, yet comprehensive idea for an Instagram poll. This strategy is powerful for brands that are contemplating creating their appearance outside of their product offerings. Trivia also provides a large amount of flexibility.

4. Can you Unvote on Instagram?

Once you vote your friend’s or fan’s poll story then you can’t unvote it again or even can change your vote. Insta Polls is the same like on Twitter polls which won’t permit you to unvote or change it again. When it comes to your story then you will be allowed to delete the poll but can’t modify or delete your vote on someone’s story.

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Final Thoughts

Are you looking for more creative ideas or best practices to include Poll Sticker in your Instagram stories? Stick to this page and get more interesting poll ideas to encourage your audience. First, start with these common poll ideas and then eventually explore new ones on your Instagram poll stories.

What do you think? Do this strategy works on your brand business? Please share your experience after creating your own polls on Instagram stories and share your insights on this via the comment section below. So that we can update this page and make it more informative for other viewers. Visit our site Version weekly and find more updates on Instagram, IG Captions, hashtags, Insta stories, features, etc.

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