Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

Full Body Workout for Weight Loss

Workouts for the full body sound pretty much big for you. but this is not something that takes a long time. If you narrow down the exercise to benefit the overall body. it comes in three that covers a pull, a push and a squat. These exercises work superbly for getting a good physique and is beneficial for beginners as well as for those who are short on time

However, most of the time one may think a regular visit to a super expensive gym or working out with fancy instruments Is required to get a great body. But, here’s the good news irrespective of the equipment you have. you can tone your physique by losing fat and building muscle even with the help of your own body weight.

When you do pressing exercise it benefits your shoulder, chest and triceps. Pulling movements like chin up or row works for biceps. backs and forearms When you perform squats it uses muscles of hamstrings, glutes and quads. Every time you perform any of this movement with free weights your abs gets worked out. These exercises cover everything that you need to put every part of your body in shape.

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Starting The Workouts
You can carry out these exercises one after one. Start with the squats – after completing five sets go for an overhead press following a weighted pullup in altering fashions Take a short interval of rest between them and continue until you have worked out all the five sets.

Overhead Press
Grasp a barbell outside your shoulder width. Hold the bar at your shoulder level and make sure that your forearm is perpendicular to the floor. Slowly lift the bar overhead by pressing it. Push your head forward as you lift the bar.

Set up in a squat cage. Hold the bar as far apart as it is comfortable. By using your shoulder blades nudge the bar and take it out of the rack, Move a step back and stand on your feet keeping it at shoulder width. After taking a deep breath. lower your body by bending the knees. Make sure that your back does not lose the arch while lowering your body Keep pushing the knees outward while descending your body. Perform five sets of squats before moving onto overhead press.

Seated Cable Row
You have to use a pulley to perform the seated cable row. Attach a bar to the pulley and sit on the floor or bench by positioning your feet against the foot plate. Bend the knee slightly and position your lower back flat. Hold the bar attached to the pulley and row it towards your sternum. When you reach end position, squeeze the shoulder blades together.

Weighted Pull Up
You can perform this exercise by attaching a weight belt or it can be done only using your body weight. Go near to a pull up bar and hang from it at little larger than your shoulder width. Pull your body to reach above the bar only using your forearms and continue until your chin reaches over the bar.

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Bench Press
Hold the bar and keep it outside shoulder width. Keep a little space between the bench and your back by arching the back slightly. Lower the bar using your forearm and make sure that at lowering position, the elbow makes a 45 degree angle to the side.

Dumbbell : Romanian Deadlift
Stand in a feet-hip width and hold a dumbbell using both of your hands. Pushing the hips back try bending the torso forward. Lower it until you reach a point that makes you feel a stretch in your hamstrings. You can slightly bend your knees if required.

Pallof : Press Isometric Hold
Use a standard handle to connect with a pulley and position it to your shoulder height. Grasp it using both of your hands one over another and step away from the pulley at least by your arm’s length. It puts stress on the cable. Positioning your feet at hip-width. hold the cable to your chest. Then press it away from your chest by fully extending the arms.

“Only by devoting 45 minutes of your time in a day you can work out all parts of your body. Just follow these exercise tips and use It to your advantage to build a great body!”

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