9 Things not to Ignore During Workouts

9 Things not to Ignore During Workouts

Most of us who exercise on a treadmill, do aerobics or go for a run, either do it out of peer pressure or because of the guilt of being lazy. Whatever our reason, for working out, we may be going about it the wrong way. Listed below are a few pointers that will help you work out better and reach your fitness goals.

A Training Goal – Purely from a motivational point of view, it is important to have a training or performance goal. You can set your eyes on the prize and focus on the task at hand. Keep the goal realistic but don’t make it too easy. Enter for an event or a race even it ¡t is months away. This will motivate and drive you to put in the time and prove to yourself that you can!

A Training Plan -A structured plan is vital for the success of any business or sports team. So, as an individual with set goals makes, you too should make a plan that will not only guide you to do what you need to do, but will also act as a tool that monitors progress over weeks and months.

Resistance Exercise – Don’t ignore resistance exercises and only focus on aerobic exercise, even if weight loss is your main objective. A resistance exercise program has many benefits in general, including functional strength and increased metabolism. A balanced combination between resistance and aerobic exercise is sure to deliver satisfying results.

The 30 Minute Workout – Don’t underestimate the value of the 30 minute workout. Many use time or the lack of it, as an excuse not to go for a workout. With a well-structured 30 minute workout you can achieve very good results. Plan well before you enter the gym on what you want to do and at what intensity. Once you start, go all out to get the most of your time ¡n the gym.

Include Rest Intervals – Between sets, the muscle needs time to recover. Depending on your training goals these intervals can be anything from 10 seconds to 180 seconds. Use your recovery interval wisely to get the most out of your workout session. Also don’t waste valuable time chatting with your friends when you should be back at it.

Adjust To Time Slots– All gyms have peak hours. So, ¡f you are struggling to find machines or weights during this time, try to restructure your day so that you can be there at a less busy time. This way, you will not only have more space but also more options and it will give you the chance to try different programs.

Avoid Sports Drinks –  We know that nutrition and hydration are important ingredients ¡n the success of any training program. However, if weight loss ¡s one of your training goals don’t drink high energy or sports drinks during your workout. Normally, they contain many calories and sugar. Drinking these will only put back the calories that you burn during your workout session. Sometimes, you will even put back more calories than you actually burn during your workout. Stay hydrated but the best way to do this is with pure water.

Give Others Space – Remember all members in the gym are paying members. You are all interested in the same thing. Respect each other’s space and training environment.

New Routines – Do not ignore new routines. The body very quickly adjusts to different routines and gets used to a specific workout routine. You’ll find that you will see good results for a few weeks and then things will stand still with very little progress. Avoid going week in and week out with the same routine and workout, Change the order of exercises every now and then and from a training program point of view, ideally it should be changed every four to six weeks.

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