Workout Routine For Killer Triceps!

Strengthen Your Triceps

“Building Up Your Triceps not only increases the power of your arms but also makes them look firm”

Be it from the point of aesthetic importance or a firm body, your triceps hold a lot of significance for you. Especially if it comes to your appearance. strengthening the triceps helps a man look impressive. It is equally important for women who are looking to make their arms firmed and toned.

Since it is a muscle that consists of three muscle heads (inner, middle and outer) the triceps are the major part of the arm that supports the upper limb in lifting. It also holds more than two! thirds of the arm mass. Building up your triceps not only increases the power of your arm but also makes it look firm. Effectively hitting all the three muscles can make the triceps stronger. so just follow these exercises.

Triceps Dips (Works All 3 Muscle Heads)

Use a bench to perform this exercise. Keep your hands on the edges of the bench while placing your feet away from it. Keep your arms straight Slide your rear end oft the front of the bench and keep the legs straight allowing it to extend out.

Lower your body towards the floor by bending your arms and continue until your elbows makes about a 90 degree angle with your rear end touching the floor. You can also make it a bit difficult by placing your feet on a bench of same height at the leg distance.

“Use these exercises in a well-planned programme to see the best results. One might need professional guidance initially, so do take a trainer’s help to start off, because remember, if you want those arms to look their best, you need the triceps to look impressive”

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Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension
Without the use of the barbell, more repetitions can be done that increases the supply of blood to the triceps.

Get two dumbbells to hold. Lie back on the ground keeping your face up. Keep both of your arms straight and hold the dumbbells overhead.

Bring the dumbbell down by bending your elbows while keeping the upper arm steady. Bend the elbows until your forearms are parallel to the ground. Pause and then bring the weights back to your starting position.

Skull Crushers
This exercise primarily works on the long and medial muscle heads. Building the long and medial heads adds sizes to the bottom of your arm muscles.

Practice this exercise lying down on a flat bench. Use EZ bar (Zig Zag bar) with two weight plates loaded on it and start extending it overhead.

Keep your upper arm steady, now slowly bend it at the elbow and lower the EZ bar back beyond your head until it reaches a 90 degree angle. Forcefully extend your arms towards an upwards direction and complete holding the contraction at the top. Now, repeat the procedure again.

Close-Grip Bench Press
Holding the barbell ii a close-grip will force the triceps to work harder when trying to press up which makes this exercise special.

Use a flat bench to lie back. F-fold the barbell straight with a close-grip that is around your shoulder width. Keep arms straight by holding the barbell above your chest.

Bring the barbell down slowly until you feel it in the middle of yow chest, pause and then press it back to the position from where you started.

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Dumbbell Kick Back
This is another useful dumbbell variation for increased repetitions and effective pumping of the triceps. It s meant mainly for the upper arm.

Taking a dumbbell in one hand, bend over at the waist until your upper body is parallel with the floor. Place your free hand on the bench for balance.

Keep your elbow at your side so your upper arm is parallel to the floor. Start with your arm bent at a 90 degree angle. Press the weight behind you by straightening the arm. Be sure to lockout. Repeat.

Seated Dumbbell Triceps Extension

Place one dumbbell overhead keeping both your hands under the inner plate (it can be like a heart shaped grip)

Keeping the elbows overhead and by flexing it, lower your forearm. To avoid hitting the dumbbell on your back you need to flex your wrist at the bottom. By extending both elbow and wrist (hyper extending) you can raise the dumbbell overhead.

Triceps Press Down
This is a good exercise to warm up your triceps and start the triceps workout.

Grab an angled or straight bar of a high pulley with an overhand grip (your palm face downside).Stand straight and look forward and position your upper arms close to your body while keeping the forearm parallel to the ground.

Bring the bar down towards the ground by flexing your triceps and continue until your arms are fully extended to the ground perpendicularly. After holding for a second slowly bring the bar back to the starting position. This exercise can also be performed with different attachments like a rope to the pulley or flipping the grip to have the medial head worked out effectively. Hence, it is good to try the variations that make different heads worked out efficiently.

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