Weight Loss: Best Exercises For Couple Bonding

Best Exercises For Couple Bonding

“Making time to exercise together can enrich relationships with special and deep feelings of closeness and understanding”

All romantic relationships sometimes need a trigger for the couple to rekindle and reconnect with each other, improve communication and intimacy and reaffirm their deep love towards each other. Love and romance grow with sharing and one of the best gifts one can give a loved one, is wellness on a platter through couple exercise plans, as this provides the perfect platform to strengthen bonds.

Couple Workouts Advantages

  • Making time to exercise together can enrich relationships and that special and deep feeling of closeness and understanding.
  • Doing exercises together helps to break away from the monotony and boredom of your regular exercise routines.
  • Exercising together can excite you to stick to a plan with more discipline and consistency.
  • Couple workouts motivate you to work out for longer periods and makes yoga workout more enjoyable.
  • pushing and motivating each other to achieve higher levels of intensity in each ones workout.
  • It boosts your fitness goats and is a perfect way to bond more.
  • Boosts playfulness, tun and laughter.

You can sign-up together for enjoyable activities like swimming, dancing, cycling or even brisk walks and alternate your workouts with yoga on certain days, stretches and weights on other days.

Trending Partner Exercises
Always begin with a 5-10 minutes warmup exercises like jogging on the spot, jumping jacks, neck and arm rotations, shoulder shrugs. twists, toe touch etc.

  • Partner Squats (For Spine Strength And For Toning The Quads)
    Stand facing each other, stretch out and hold hands. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and squat down, till thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold for a few seconds and come up. Repeat for 15 counts.
  • Starfish Pose (Helps stretch Groin Muscles, Abdominal Fat Reduction)
    Sit with your partner back-to-back. Stretch your legs wide apart. Exhale deeply and one partner should bend forward from the hips, keeping the back as straight as possible and grasp the toes, The second partner should stretch behind as much as possible pushing the first partner further forward until the forehead touches the floor. Legs remain straight. Breathe normally. Stay for 30 secs to a minute. The other partner should repeat the same.
  • Vrikshasana (For Flexibility/ Toning/ Strengthening Of Knees/ Ankles. Improves Focus And Concentration)
    Partners should stand next to each other in Tadasana and lift their right leg up and fold at the knee. Holding the ankle with both hands pull the leg up and rest right foot on the upper part of the left thigh. Both partners have to hold each other at the waist for support. Partners should join their right hand up in Namaste. Inhale and exhale slowly and gradually. Stay for 30 secs to a minute. Change the side with your partner and repeat the same with the left leg.
  • Straight-Legged Toes Touches (Good For Calf/Hamstrings Core Muscles)
    Sit facing your partner with legs stretched in front. Both partners’ toes should touch firmly. Both partners legs should bend at the knees. Take legs up in 60 degrees with toes touching. Catch hands from outside. Stay for 30 secs to a minute. Repeat it again.
  • Ab Crunches (Core Muscles Strength)
    Sit on the floor, facing each other. Stretch out your legs in front with toes touching. Now lie down on the back and stretch your hands behind. Lift your entire body up together and touch the toes. Lie back and repeat for 12 counts.
  • Leg Raises (Stretches/ Tones Thigh/ Ab Muscles)
    Lie on the floor with legs stretched out straight. With your partners help, raise one leg as high as you can and feel the stretch while your partner holds down the other leg. Repeat with the other leg for three reps and then help your partner execute the same.

Strengthen relationships with positive words, mutual appreciation and compliments. cooking meals together and spend quality time with each other to bond both physically and emotionally. Enrich and energise your relationship, be centred and get Mickeymized!.

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