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5 Vastu Home Decor Tips

Everyone tries to manage things at home and make it look nice. However the age, gender, academic level, personal mind-set, culture and traditions greatly influence the way we decorate the interiors of the house or beautify our surroundings. It is why we find different types of arrangements made by the inmates to beautify their own areas and this is supported by the human psychology that rates most decorations wonderful.

Making Things Lively

De-cluttering carries high value in vastu and believes in making everythinlléE Thus, the organic principles are most appreciated. The spirituality and belief in God advocates the presence of life in everything, including the objects which we consider as non-living.

Therefore, the moment one looks at a beautiful garden, classical interiors, cosy furniture and aromatic surrounding in residential or commercial spheres, a smile appears on the face. It pleases everyone Feng Shui, the Chinese art of positioning and placement as well as other occult sciences, also support the above principles. So, we can energise the interior and exterior of our home by using few practical methods listed here.

Vastu Tips for Ill Health

Use Soothing Paints And Colours

Before using any colour on the walls, wait a moment and visualise the variety of colours. Try to listen to your inner voice. We find that all light colours give a fresh feeling whereas dark colours make us over excited. So, the intellectuals, spirituals and peace loving people should choose light colours.

However, in order to break the monotony, one may go for the mix of light and contrasting colours.

In this selection, the southern wall can be painted red, orange or maroon, the northem wall, blue and the east wall, green. The west wall may be coloured in light grey, silver or golden. Vastu advises staying away from black, dark brown and dark grey colours on room walls. Children’s rooms can be painted in vibrant shades but the ceilings should always be white.

Enhance Life Energy

Live plants are best for both interior and exterior decor. According to Vastu tenets, cactus plants. bonsai and plants oozing milky substances are negative. Also, decoration pieces made of animal parts like bones. tusk, skin, teeth, horn or other parts are extremely negative, because they bring a ‘cry’ a pain, ‘an end’ and dead energy with them.

They may appear different or symbolic of our luxurious lite, but definitely, the pain’ in one or the other way is the expression being expressed silently by this type of decoration. The flower plants, greenery, wooden artefacts and earthen showpieces come in the positive category. Hence, one should include such objects which denote ‘life energy’ and purify our body, mind and soul.

Bedroom Decor Essentials

Energising the bedroom is vital and in order to achieve the same, few precautions may be useful for sound sleep and good health. For example, do away with dead flowers from the vase. The washroom door should be kept closed. The cupboard etc. should also be shut properly. The electronic gadgets like the television, laptop, mobile phones etc. should be switched off before going to sleep.

The clock or watch should be slightly away from the head side. The mirror should not directly face the bed. There should be no live plants inside the bedroom lest it may emit carbon dioxide in the night which may harm breathing. Using the family photograph on the southern wall of the bedroom enhances love luck. Carpets may look gorgeous but they are not appreciated ¡n the bedroom as per vastu, as they block the earth’s energy, catch the dust, give place to fungi and bacteria and hence cause respiratory and other health issues, If used, regular dusting and cleaning of carpets is a must.

Instil Life Energy In Your House

Using Breathing Materials

Wooden flooring is considered good to use in rooms. Metallic floors, metallic wall cladding and furniture made of wrought iron are not considered positive. They may negatively react with the human aura and make one lethargic. We should also try to grow a few positive plants like black basil, coriander, mint or other aromatic plants. Using long creepers and climbers in the southern and western balconies may help to block negative vibes. Also, avoid using excess plastics as these are non-breathing materials which may hinder the smooth circulation of positive vibrations.

The tips mentioned here may help to maintain your home with sustainable positive vibes. Vastu guides to create aesthetically pleasing spaces that soothes the mood, promotes good temperaments and creates a positive mind-set. These may reflect in our day-to-day routine that may convert into our physical, mental, economical and social growth.

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