Instil Life Energy In Your House

Instil Life Energy In Your House

Modern artists, elevation experts, structural engineers and other artistic-cum-technical experts greatly influence landlords with focus on utility, look and cost going into building a house. The desire to create something new and different always remains the motivating factor for those involved in making a building unique. However, a crucial factor is often overlooked which is, the insertion of lite energy into the building.

Creating a design for a house that is aesthetically pleasing depends on the imagination of the owner or architect, but at times it may also be influenced by external factors. Vastu shastra is a science that clubs the building and its habitants with a holistic and emotional thread by instilling a rhythm that vibrates at the same frequency. Therefore, building biology is a subject emerged from modern vastu science that elaborates and guides builders on how to create life energy in the structure while building it with lifeless materials.

Vastu And Healthy Living
A vastu consultant always looks for ways to incorporate sustainable live energy into a building. The main focus is on creating a healthy structure with the right ambience in and around it, so that those living there feel light, comfortable, happy and healthy. Getting blessings from elders, priests and gurus is not as important as getting blessed with quality life. A healthy body can certainly dwell, survive and sustain in a healthy building. Therefore, the concept of analysing the ‘sick building syndrome’ becomes more crucial in today’s unsystematic, irregular and unguided lifestyle.

It might not seem right for today’s generation that a systematically placed building biology motivates family members to lead stress-free and healthy lives, but vastu believes in creating an ambience that leads to healthy living. For example, a house with a lot of windows in the east is easily marked as early birds.

The morning sun, transparent light and cool breeze are the positive factors defined in east-facing buildings. These motivate people to get up early in the morning whereas dark and dull rooms make one want to sleep till late. Sluggishness. illness, aggression, pessimism and negative mindset towards life are the traits of sick building syndrome.

Features Of A Healthy House
The ability to breathe is one of the most important characteristics of a house. A building does not breathe like a person but the inhale-exhale action in a building can be felt. Vastu tatva or air in the terminology of vastu, is important in one’s house and can be ensured with a little awareness.

If one opens all the possible doors and windows of the house every morning for cross ventilation, it denotes that the house is breathing and the people in the house are getting enough oxygen. They will feel fresh and creative and indulge in activities like exercising, studying, yoga, praying, chanting of mantras etc. This is the best way to ensure that lite energy enters the house. A healthy body thrives in a healthy house while negative inner energy makes people boring, slow and pessimistic.

Your Home And Positivity
Ensuring that life energy enters a concrete building is not difficult and just needs a little more attention and concern. Keeping the house and its surroundings clean, contributes to good health and vastu shastra is strictly against cluttering, filth, untidiness and unsystematic living. A house should reverberate with positivity through regular cleaning, painting, repairing and proper maintenance.

There should be no cobwebs, dust or scraps in the building. The interiors of the house should be well lit, smell good with incense, room spray or essential oils. Beautiful flowers, plants and aromatic herbs should be grown In the front or back courtyard to make the house look colourful. These factors enhance the grandeur of the building and increase positive vibrations.

“If one opens all the possible doors and windows of the house every morning for cross ventilation, it denotes that the house is breathing and the people in the house are getting enough oxygen”

Make A House A Home
All the above exercises need a joint effort, positive approach and true concern to rejuvenate sustainable lite energy In the house. Collective efforts ensure attachment, care and regard for one another. Just start practising the above simple steps and look forward to the real charm of life. A house will then turn into a home that is filled with love, charisma, emotions and a feeling of togetherness wherein everyone respects one another and lives like a family.

At the same time, the concrete building ensures sound health for everyone living in it. We should remember that it is the mindset of people that has the power of turning hell into heaven. Personalising the building structure is also one of the secrets of a healthy, wealthy and harmonious life philosophy.

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