Vastu Tips for Ill Health

Vastu To Promote Mental Wellness

Certainly a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and a healthy body dwells in a healthy house. A healthy house is constituted on healthy inflow of positive vibes. At the same time, a healthy house does not permit negative vibes to enter it. As far as the occult sciences are concerned, each of them has one or the other aspect behind its direct or indirect impact being defined by our sages and seers thousands of years ago.

The use of public terminology to define the actions, reactions and causes of following those guidelines laid by our gurus and clairvoyants is easily accepted and understood by the modem generation.

The Logic Of Scientific Vastu

The scientific data related to the temperature in different rooms in a house, its utilisation and side effects, suitability and its control mechanism etc. are becoming the tools to harness the virtues of each vastu factor in the desired way. Similarly, the impact of the magnetic flux by the north pole of the earth is also a dominant factor that decides sound sleep.

Harnessing the biggest natural source of heat energy i.e. sunrays has become a useful instrument by which soft and soothing energy may be received for sound health. Using a proper quantum of oxygen, living in an area free from harmful humidity levels, the acceptable noise or sound level and charming breeze are the most common and extremely useful tools to be used by human beings for a healthy life.

Harnessing The Medical Properties Of The Morning Sun

Medical science promotes using the morning sunrays when the wavelengths of these rays are nearly 320 nanometres. Proper harnessing of this invaluable energy may bless us with knowledge, stamina, vigour and intelligence. Dark is the antonym of light, hence darkness implies congestion, mental blockages and other various psychological discomforts.

According to vastu shastra, it is essential for each of us to get up early in the morning and receive this valuable energy that costs nothing. The incredible value of the most holy time of the day is called bramha muhoort which has multiple merits.

Avoid Staying In The South East Direction

According to the vastu shastra doctrine, south-east is the direction that represents the lire-element,’ the second element of vastu out of five great elements i.e. panch mahabhootas namely: water, fire, earth, air and space.

The direction of south-east is placed on the point where the sun transits from east to south. During this transition activity the UV-1 (ultraviolet 1) changes into UV-2, hence the intensity of heat gradually increases from morning to noon.

Therefore, as per vedic vastu, this direction may have the heated virtues which may be comfortable for cooking. but not good for human beings to stay in south-eastern rooms and especially as a bedroom. It may add up to create unnecessary tension, excessive deep thinking and increased worries. Also, this state of mind may create a negative aura around the person who stays in this direction and this may lead to a more problematic situation if the person staying in this direction is very sensitive.

Stay Cool In The North-East

As per vastu shastra tenets, the direction of north-east is called the water corner or ishaan sub direction. This direction is recognised as the best direction to have mental growth, peace, intelligence, exercise and contemplation. Therefore, each good decision may be taken in the north, east or in north eastern directions.

It has qualities to keep one cool, so pious acts can be performed with great concentration. This sub direction is known to be the best for pooja (devotion) and meditation.

Utilising this great quality of the north east direction, vastu advises to sit in this direction during the morning hours, chant, read, meditate and perform light exercises. Other best utilisation of this direction is shedding off the tension and mental blockages while sitting in this holy direction that may cleanse the body, mind and soul in a few minutes. This means that the ishaar sub direction located in north-east is the best to balance psychological problems. complexities of routine, business tensions and a good place for confession. The sum total of all these positive virtues may create a positive aura which may yield expected best results.

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