Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?

Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?

The modern world has witnessed families being tom apart due to a lack of communication, compassion and forgiveness, but is it time for all that to change as Dr Anupam Sibal, Group Medical Director of the Apollo Hospitals Group and a renowned pediatrician, tells parents exactly what they need to do in order to bring up confident, responsible and non-judgmental children.

In his new book titled, ‘Is Your Child Ready to Face the World?’ Dr Sibal shares his own personal experiences of bringing up his son. The renowned pediatrician presents parents across the country and the world, a very personal insight on child rearing.

Every child is unique, therefore how each child is dealt with, must be different. No parents have the same kind of experiences with their children, nor in how they may deal with them. Also, many parents find it extremely hard to keep track of their child’s likes and dislikes and often find the whole process frustrating..

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Along with personal anecdotes of Dr Sibal’s communication with his son, like them talking about them both being humble or even just saying ‘thank you,’ the book is filled with events that has inspired him. But if you are expecting a regular parenting book which is divided into various topics on parenting and further divided into chapters, then this is not the book for you. The book, ‘Is Your Child Ready to Face the World?’ is a comprehensive guide to modern day parenting and lists out easy to follow 50 do’s and don’ts and 18 virtues of bringing up children in today’s world.

Talking about how parents should bring up their children, Dr Sibal says, Modem day parenting is different. Parents should be ready to debate and reason with their children and take their perspective into consideration as well. They need to be role models, bond well and have constant conversations.

He also talks about different aspects of living life like honesty, compassion, forgiveness and the importance of being a dreamer. He sends across the message using the examples of celebrities like Kapil Dev, Diana Spencer, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and others.

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The book not only boasts of new eye- opening content, but also has a glowing foreword by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan. It is rightly believed that modern day communication has brought people who are miles away closer, but has taken those who are close, further away!

And Bachchan reiterates this notion by writing, “Being a good parent is a skill that is acquired overtime, one that requires constantly adapting to the rapidly changing times, In today’s world, where academics, extracurricular activities and distractions in the shape of numerous gadgets make heavy demands on children’s time, it is tough to communicate with them. Ever so rarely, you come upon a book that is priceless.

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