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Recode Your Brain

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) evolved in the 1970’s when founders Dr John Grinder and Dr Richard Bandler went on the quest of exploring what makes a genius, a genius. NLP is a discipline that includes the study of neurology, language and programming, the three most influential components involved in human experience.

NLP is the study of subjective experience of human beings and provides ways to recode’ the way the human brain responds to various stimuli, thereby manifesting new behaviours, choices and responses.

The Patterns And Techiques

The founders of NLP modelled patterns of several geniuses such as Fritz Peris, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson and provided a description of how they do, what they do. As a result of modelling several geniuses across different fields, today, there are a set of NLP patterns and techniques which outline an interesting approach to communication, thinking, feeling, language and behaviour which is used for emotional mastery, overcoming limiting behaviours, sales and influence, overcoming phobias and fears and so on.

The Components

NLP patterns have important components such as ecology’ which is the art of balance that is professed as one of the most important factors in holistic health disciplines and ‘fractionation’ which is the art of making new changes innate in the shortest The ecology component in NLP patterning explores the ability of the human system to explore new choices, responses and behaviours in a way that it does not affect adversely, any other aspects of the person’s lite. In other words, the ‘side effects’ are only that as a result of effectively done NLP patterning for therapy and change; the person experiences changes that are desirable and which does not have any negative impact in any way.

Similarly, the ‘fractionation’ concept that is built in most NLP patterning ensures that the new choices, behaviours and responses programmed’ are available to the person on-demand in the desired contexts.

The Application Of NLP

The mastery of NLP patterning and techniques has led several professionals to make it’s applications in business, sales, therapy, parenting, training, coaching, health etc. Around the world, NLP has been adapted to these different fields as its approach is significantly different and allows for a good practitioner of NLP to extract quality information through the five senses as well as using language with precision and this helps to target desired results, quickly.

Today, there is retail NLP offering where one can experience a real change with a qualified NLP practitioner specifically mentored for personal change over a single session. There are also programmes where NLP can be learned desired changes using NLP. As a technology, NLP is very powerful. However, much like other disciplines the effectiveness of NLP specifically in personal change and health, highly depends on the expertise of the NLP practitioner.

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The Implications

There are personally endorsed trainers of NLP by the co-founder of NLP in India who deliver NLP courses and NLP change work. Although in the nascent stages, some practitioners of NLP have delivered significant results even in the field of physical health. For people suffering from allergies, psoriasis, stress-related health issues etc. NLP has had very promising results.

Most times, physical health challenges stem from internal conflicts, tension, stress and anxiety and the person experiences a loop of health disorders. By addressing the intention for some of these challenges, NLP has delivered surprising results In those health cases. However, more research is to be done with a larger population of people and qualified practitioners to strengthen this claim. The disadvantage of the field of NLP is that it is not a regulated field and hence audit of quality NLP training and practice as such, is very difficult to achieve.

The Impact

In just over 40 years, NLP has made a huge impact across age groups 8-80. A young high school student may use NLP for better focus, better communication and evolving as a personality overcoming self- weaknesses and continuing to learn fast. NLP is also used extensively by performing artists, speakers and world celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins etc. who publicly endorse how they have benefited using NLP.

NLP also provides people with a technology to model outstanding performances achieved by geniuses and leaders in their field, and replicate them for one’s own growth as well. This means continuous ways of evolving oneself beyond one’s current best potential and making leaps in growth. It is certainly a promising technology with a very wide scope and is beneficial to be well trained and have NLP skills that can transform one’s thinking and provide a framework for continuous and quick growth and evolution.

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