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The Best Way To Raise A Single Child

Raising a single child can be a tricky venture. All kinds of urban myths can get latched on to the idea of raising a single child leading many parents to worry about the right ways of raising their only child. Most of these stereotypes about raising a single child started in the late 1 890s and most of them revolved around suggestions that a single child would grow up to be aggressive, maladjusted and lonely.

Over the following century, multiple studies have been conducted on the subject and it has proven beyond doubt, that none of these stereotypes are true. Even then, urban myths still exist, making the endeavour of raising a single child seem like a risky one. Here, we take a look at some aspects parents need to keep in mind, while raising a single child.

Encourage Socialising

It is important for parents of a single child to remember that they would occasionally need to engineer social situations to help their child make friends. This should be part of the child’s early development and should be facilitated by arranging play dates and bringing the child to preschools. These moments are what would enable a single child to understand the values of sharing and socializing and is a very important factor in this regard.

Teach Social Skills

Sibling rivalry can often end in tears or even skinned knees. But part of what makes it important for a child’s development is that sibling rivalry helps children garner social skills and an understanding on how to deal with peers. This is invaluable for a child as he/she grows up. In the absence of a sibling, it becomes the parent’s responsibility to teach the children essential social skills. This should be done by making a child understand ideas of compromise, sharing etc. Values can be reinforced in a child by rewarding him! her specifically for being considerate towards others.

Set Boundaries

An important aspect to consider about a single child is that too much attention as they grow can render them too reliant on their parents to meaningfully become independent. Therefore, it’s important to encourage the child to do things on his/her own. Parents of a single child should also keep in mind not to give in too much to their child by gratifying his/ her every whim. Understanding that they can’t get everything they want, is also an integral part of growing up.

Have Realistic Expectations

Some parents who have a single child have the idea that they will eventually mould a specimen out of the child who is perfect in every way. This sort of expectation from a single child, or any child for that matter, is counterproductive. A parent of a single child needs to set realistic expectations that are attainable without becoming a burden.

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