Daily Vocabulary from the Hindu 25th November 2019

Meaning: a formal judgment on a disputed matter.
Synonyms: arbitration, decision, assessment, verdict.
Antonyms: incomprehension, indecision, enigma, amnesty.
Example: Articles 5 and 6 both deal with the promptness with which an adjudication must proceed against criminal defendants.

Meaning: a small number
Synonyms: couple, few, handful, sprinkle.
Antonyms: horde, legion, loads, multitude.
Example: He spoke a smattering of words she didn’t understand.

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Meaning: a strong negative reaction by a large number of people, especially to a social or political development.
Synonyms: ricochet, counteraction, retaliation, reverberation.
Antonyms: decertify, forbid, invalidate, cause.
Example: The president received backlash from thousands of people who disagreed with his Twitter statements.

Meaning: make very angry.
Synonyms: enrage, infuriate, anger, madden
Antonyms: placate, please, calm
Example: News of the salary reduction is sure to incense the workers.

HAVEN (Noun) 
Meaning: a place of safety or refuge.
Synonyms: refuge, retreat, shelter, sanctuary
Example: In the blizzard, many highway travelers searched for a haven from the freezing wind.

Meaning: generosity in bestowing money or gifts upon others.
Synonyms: generosity, liberality, munificence, bounty
Antonyms: meanness, miserliness
Example: When I was in need, I benefited from the largesse of an anonymous donor.

PAGAN (noun)  
Meaning: an individual who doesn’t follow one of the world’s main religions.
Synonyms: heathen, agnostic, heretic, apostate.
Antonyms: religious, devout, monotheistic, believer.
Example: Because Todd is a pagan, he refuses to practice any of the major religions.

FRENZY (noun)
Meaning: a state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behavior.
Synonyms: hysteria, mania, delirium, agitation.
Antonyms: placidity, quietude, repose, restfulness.
Example: The child had such a bad temper that he would often go into a frenzy when he didn’t get his way.

SAGACITY (noun) 
Meaning:  ability to make good judgments and decisions.
Synonyms: discernment, insight, sapience, acumen.
Antonyms: folly, imbecility, witlessness, irrationality.
Example: Even though his friends chose to go out and get into trouble, the young man had the sagacity to stay home and study.

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