Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu – 19th November, 2019

Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu – Words, Antonyms, Synonyms, and Example.

1. Lacuna (noun): Meaning: An absent part, especially in a book or other piece of writing.
Synonyms: Deficiency, Lack, Gap, Omission, Void
Antonyms: Sufficiency, Adequacy, Completeness
Example: However, skillful editing cannot quite conceal the notable lacunae within the book. (lacunae- plural

2. Arguably (adverb): Meaning: Used when stating an opinion or belief that you think can be shown to be true.
Synonyms: Possibly, Debatably, Perhaps, Plausibly
Antonyms: Certainly, Undeniably, Indeed, Undoubtedly
Example: He is arguably the world’s best football player.

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3. Collaborate (verb): Meaning: Work jointly on an activity or project.
Synonyms: Cooperate, Join Forces, Associate, Team Up, Pool Resources
Antonyms: Split Up, Break Up, Disband, Part
Example: We collaborated with him on numerous hotel projects.

4. Brevity (noun): Meaning: Concise and exact use of words in writing or speech.
Synonyms: Briefness, Terseness, Succinctness, Pithiness
Antonyms: Verbosity, Loquacity, Wordiness, Volubility
Example: He is famous for the brevity of his speeches.

5. Unshackle (verb): Meaning: Liberate; set free.
Synonyms: Release, Emancipate, Unfetter, Unleash
Antonyms: Manacle, Chain, Handcuff, Restrain
Example: He can unshackle you from the love of money.

6. Vanguard (noun): Meaning: A position at the forefront of new developments or ideas.
Synonyms: Frontline, Spearhead, Van, Avant-Garde
Antonyms: Rear, Back End, Stern
Example: They are in the vanguard of technological advance.

7. Autonomy (Noun): Meaning: Freedom from external control or influence.
Synonyms: Self-Rule, Sovereignty, Self-Sufficiency, Individualism
Antonyms: Subjugation, Heteronomy, Subjection, Dependence
Example: Demonstrators demanded immediate autonomy for their region.

8. Holistic (Adjective): Meaning: Characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately
interconnected by reference to the whole.
Synonyms: All-Inclusive, Universal, Comprehensive, Whole
Antonyms: Partial, Incomplete, Limited, Restricted
Example: My doctor takes a holistic approach to disease.

9. Bigotry (noun): Meaning: Intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.
Synonyms: Prejudice, Fanaticism, Chauvinism, Dogmatism
Antonyms: Tolerance, Open-Mindedness, Impartiality, Progressivism, Liberalism
Example: The newspaper condemned the president’s bigotry toward outsiders.

10. Scepticism (noun): Meaning: An attitude that shows you doubt whether something is true or useful.
Synonyms: Disbelief, Cynicism, Incredulity, Dubiety
Antonyms: Conviction, Certitude, Assurance, Confidence
Example: My initial scepticism was replaced with respectful admiration.

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