Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu – 15th November, 2019

Daily Vocabulary from The Hindu – Words, Antonyms, Synonyms, and Example.

1. Enigma (noun): Meaning: A person, thing or situation that is mysterious and difficult to understand.
Synonyms: Mystery, Conundrum, Riddle, Gordian Knot
Antonyms: Clearness, Clarity, Simplicity, Easiness
Example: Even after years he still remains an enigma to me.

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2. Ominous (adjective): Meaning: Suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future.
Synonyms: Inauspicious, Foreboding, Doomy, Portentous
Antonyms: Cheerful, Promising, Auspicious, Propitious
Example: There were ominous dark clouds gathering overhead.

3. Deep-seated (adjective): Meaning: (of feelings and beliefs) very fixed and strong; difficult to change or to destroy.
Synonyms: Inherent, Deep-Rooted, Established, Entrenched, Profound
Antonyms: Temporary, Changeable
Example: The country’s political divisions are deep-seated.

4. Incarceration (noun): Meaning: The act of putting somebody in prison or in another place from which they cannot escape.
Synonyms: Imprisonment, Internment, Confinement, Captivity
Antonyms: Freedom, Liberty, Autonomy, Independence
Example: There have been angry protests about his arrest and incarceration.

5. Procrastination (noun): Meaning: The act of delaying something that you should do, usually because you do not want to do it.
Synonyms: Delaying, Stalling, Temporizing, Deferment
Antonyms: Promptness, Hastiness, Swiftness, Expedition
Example: After weeks of procrastination, the president finally resigned.

6. Verisimilitude (noun): Meaning: The quality of seeming to be true or real.
Synonyms: Realism, Plausibility, Likelihood, Believability
Antonyms: Falsity, Impossibility, Unlikeliness, Unreality
Example: To add verisimilitude, the stage is covered with sand for the desert scenes.

7. Imbroglio (noun): Meaning: A complicated situation that causes confusion or embarrassment, especially one that is political.
Synonyms: Complication, Entanglement, Plight, Embroilment
Antonyms: Harmony, Peace, Coordination
Example: People have come out into the street from both sides to watch the imbroglio.

8. Devious (adjective): Meaning: Behaving in a dishonest or indirect way, or tricking people, in order to get something.
Synonyms: Deceitful, Underhand, Conniving, Duplicitous
Antonyms: Fair, Honest, Frank, Truthful
Example: He got rich by devious means.

9. Blot (verb): Meaning: Damage the good character or reputation of.
Synonyms: Tarnish, Taint, Stain, Smear
Antonyms: Honour, Exalt, Glorify, Hail
Example: His involvement in the scandal blotted on his reputation.

10. Pique (noun): Meaning: Annoyed or bitter feelings that you have, usually because your pride has been hurt.
Synonyms: Annoyance, Resentment, Indignation, Temper
Antonyms: Happiness, Joy, Pleasure, Delight
Example: When he realized nobody was listening to him, he left in a fit of pique.

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