Follow These Guidelines For Healthy Glowing Skin

Follow These Guidelines For Healthy Glowing Skin

“A slight alteration in your skincare rituals, combined with some love for your skin can really bring out your natural glow!”

Everyone desires radiant skin, as it enhances your personality and beauty as well. But despite trying out a number of homemade remedies and advanced skincare treatments, something always seems to be lacking and it gets difficult to retain the natural beauty of your skin which often faces, due to stress, pollution, unhealthy diets and unhygienic habits.

Besides, no one really knows the secret to radiant skin. However, a slight alteration in your skincare rituals, combined with some love for your skin can really bring out your natural glow!

Safeguard Against UV Rays

UV rays have harsh effects on the skin. Apart from tanning, sunburn and skin pigmentation, UV rays results in the pre-mature ageing of skin.

TIP : Avoid stepping out in the sun without applying a sunscreen, preferably with SPF 30+ and always remember, winters are not an excuse to skip sunscreen!

Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

To get healthy skin, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle which comprises of a balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. Stress management too is a must!

TIP : Make a conscious effort to follow a healthy lifestyle. Indulge in yoga and meditation to ward oft stress.

Choose To Go Natural

Right from your diet to beauty products and skin care regime, go natural and use herbal products that rejuvenate your skin from within. Their effect is also long-term.

TIP : Honey, curd, basil, aloe vera are star ingredients to get perfect skin.

Cleanse Regularly

The first and foremost step towards skincare, is to cleanse, By doing this, you are not only removing the dirt and dust deposited on your skin, but also shedding the layer of dead skin which inhibits your skin to breathe. Nevertheless, it is best to avoid excessive cleansing, as it can take away all the natural oils from your skin, making it dry and dull.

TIP : Choose your cleanser wisely. It should not only clean, but also moisturise.

Moisturize Irrespective Of The Season

Moisturising does not only refer to the creams and lotions, but certain face packs and rejuvenating masks that offer suppleness to your skin. Slather a generous amount of moisturizer onto your skin, especially in winters to seal the moisture in. A day/night cream is a must. Make sure to massage the lotion in circular motions to boost blood circulation which will help your face to glow.

TIP : Don’t forget to moisturise your lips with a lip balm. Also, a mashed papaya and honey face pack is great for smooth skin.

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