How to Water Plants When You’re Not Home? – Mangaluru Couple’s Innovative Remote Solution for Plant Watering

In today’s busy life, many people are adopting gardening as a hobby to remove stress from their lives. And they need to be taken care of properly to keep those plants healthy. But in many houses, both wife and husband will be working.

At that time, if you are also into gardening your plants, you may not have time to take care of them or even if everyone is going out of town, it will not be possible to water your plants as some plants require water every day.

So, if you are looking for a solution to that problem, check down the article completely to learn about the innovative solution that was provided by the Mangaluru couple.

One Innovative Idea That Mangaluru Couple Got, Has Changed the Life of Many Plant Lovers

As we saw, there are many people who love plants in their homes. But due to their busy life, as they do not have time to take care of those plants, they do not grow them even if they like to.

But the Mangaluru couple is saying there is a solution for it. Look into the below points to know about that innovative solution.

  • As many of them struggle to water their plants, deepika, and Santhosh are also faced the same issue when they go to work or travel anywhere.
  • Due to their job, the couple used to travel to other countries too, and at that time they were unable to take care of plants. So they wanted to find a solution for it.
  • As Santhosh worked for many years as a software engineer, he quit his job to spend family time. Because of the covid-19 pandemic he got stuck in Ireland and left alone by leaving his wife and children in India.
  • His wife is also an IT employee who wanted to take a break for her child.
  • At the same time as they were facing the problem with plants, they decided to find a solution for that on their own.
  • After many brainstorming ideas and research, they got the idea of building an automatic drip irrigation system to provide water for plants when they are away.
  • But when they started to invent the tool that was needed for their problem,  their life was not as smooth as they thought.
  • Inventing the tool also took much time as it needed to be perfect under any type of condition.
  • After working for a year, they finally completed to invention of the tool, named the water automation system.
  • This can run on any internet platform, from anywhere, anytime, using a website or mobile app that they invented.
  • This device can serve the watering needs from small balconies to large gardens.

Know Complete Details of The Innovative App Based Device

The backend story for getting this idea is when Deepika and Santosh were at their home, deepika went to their parent’s home due to pregnancy, but Santosh was at home all by himself at that time she used to tell Santhosh to water the plants.

But Santhosh used to forget about them. When she came back home, she saw the wilted plants that was the first time they faced an issue like this.

So, they got an idea to find a solution as we have already seen info about it in the above section. Now, know about the product details below.

  • They started to work on this idea in April 2022. They finally came with a complete product prototype, by September 2022. The name of the product is a” Wi-Fi Drip Controller”.
  • After several months of testing, they finally have the complete product now.
  • The main moto of this product is to reduce water wastage and water the plants when you are not at home.
  • The model of the product consists of an internet-connected tap to conserve energy and operates on alkaline batteries, and they provided an app and website.
  • That app shows the water scarcity in overhead tanks and also about the battery change. Even in the backend, there will also be a watering history.
  • Even customers can switch on or off easily through the app, at any location.
  • And this device is made with custom needs as every house is not same and they dont have the same needs.

For example, if you want to water the plants on the balcony they provide you with a water tank-based system that helps to store water and use it.

Final Thoughts

This automatic watering device has been provided to many people in many places. They had provided good reviews about it. Even they are getting many enquiries from the US too, but Santosh says that we are not accepting them due to customs issues.

And for further updations of the devices, they are thought to develop algorithms that can use this device for different weather patterns.

And they are also researching to make much larger models for the agricultural fields with emerging technologies.

If you want to know more details about this wifi drip controller device, you can call +918861567365 or you can visit their website:


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