Ways To Tackle Those Annoying Facial Spots

Ways To Tackle Those Annoying Facial Spots

“It is important to diagnose the type of pigmentation and seek appropriate treatment, rather than blindly buying expensive creams with tall claims”

The cosmetic industry is flooded with products that claim to remove marks on the face, as a clear, blemish-tree complexion is what every person desires. As one ages, different types of spots and pigmentation start appearing on the face.

But it is important to diagnose the type of pigmentation and seek appropriate treatment, rather than blindly buying expensive creams with tall claims. Thus, here are five common causes of brown spots on the face and some steps to tackle them.


You may have a dear face overall, but just have two brown patches on either side of your face, staring at you every time you try to conceal them. Medically known as melasma or ‘mask of pregnancy,’ this is the most common type of pigmentation seen on Indian skin. Pregnancy, oral contraceptive use, excessive sun exposure and genetics play a major role in causing this pigmentation. It appears as brownish map-like patches, usually symmetrically on the cheeks, nose and forehead.


A good sunscreen with a SPF of 30 and above, covering both UV-A and UV-B spectrum used every three-tour hours is a must. Also, a lightening cream containing hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbutin, liquorice and niacinamide can be used on the patches twice a day. Chemical peels like glycolic, mandelic and lactic acid peels help in hastening skin lightening.


Do you remember Archie Andrews from the Archies comics? Those brown freckles did look cute on him, but you would definitely not want them blemishing your face. These can be familiar and are more common if your job involves a lot of travelling in harsh sunlight. They appear as small, flat, light brown spots on the cheeks and nose. You may also find that these spots increase, after an outing in the sun.


Freckles are quite resistant to treatment and have a high tendency to reappear. A good sunscreen with SPF 50. covering both UV-A rays and UV-B rays should be used faithfully. Reapplication of the sunscreen every three-four hours! after sweating or swimming is more important than the SPF, per sec.

Use a broad brimmed hat or cover your face while outdoors. Cosmetic dermatological procedures like radio frequency removal and 0-switched Nd-Yag lasers can be done to remove the existing freckles. Also, sunscreens and vitamin C based serums help in preventing recurrences.

Post Acne Pigmentation

You may have successfully got rid of painful and pus-filled acne, but what haunts you now are the ugly brown- black marks and you are now scared to try any product or home remedies, lest you bring back those dreaded pimples!


Use a gel based suuscwen, as sunlight can worsen pigmentation. A gel based product containing kojic acid and niacinamide used on the spots helps in lightening them.

Chemical peels containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid/mandelic acid helps too.

Age Spots

As the name suggests, these appear with advancing age, usually after the 50s. They are irregular, broad, brownish, slightly raised spots that appear stuck onto the skin. ‘They may be genetic too.


Radio frequency removal or laser removal are generally used to gently scrape the age spots oft the skin. Also, a good sunscreen and an anti-ageing product containing retinol helps to some extent in preventing their recurrences.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

This is a long name for very tiny, raised, brown to black spots on the lace and neck. Have you seen similar spots on your grandmother and mother as well? There is a high possibility you have, as this is usually familial. Though these are harmless and usually grow only to a size of a few millimeters, they can cause significant cosmetic concern.


These spots can be easily removed by a simple procedure called electrocautery. Radiofrequency removal or ablative lasers like Co2 lasers, all use the same principle of burning the spots using electric current/laser light after anaesthetizing the area with a cream. The burnt spots will shrivel and fall oft in two-three days. Also, if the procedure is carried out skillfully, you need not worry about any marks.

Beauty Tip

There are different causes of facial spots and each condition has to be treated uniquely. Hence, before you spend a bomb buying the best lightening creams and serums, confirm the type of pigmentation you have.

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