IIT Delhi Grad’s Startup Transforms Agriculture: 20,000+ Farmers Earn 35% More

In today’s busy life, everyone is busy with their families and no one has time to think about others. But one person has taken the initiative to help farmers, who do not have large landholdings. Look into the article, completely to learn about the person Who started up a startup company to help farmers.

Story of IIT Delhi Graduate Who is Helping 20,000+ Farmers

Varun Khurana is a computer science graduate from IIT – Delhi and he is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the grocery delivery business. Look into the story of Varun completely in the below points.

  • When he was working as chief technology officer at Grofers he also founded Otipy which is an agritech startup, in May 2020.
  • He started that company with the idea to help farmers who do not have large landholdings and enough resources to sell their produce in the mandis.
  • After many struggles and challenges, today there is a network of 20000 small farmers and improved with the best source of income.

An Innovative Idea of Startup By IIT- Delhi Grad's To Help Farmers

About Otipy’s USP

Here we are going to provide you with the startup company, and we have clearly explained how it works and many more. Check it out.

  • Otipy is a startup company, that works closely with 1000 partners or resellers across Delhi and Mumbai.
  • This company will supply fresh fruits and vegetables to customers’ doorstep, they take those fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra.
  • This company works directly with farmers, to deliver, fresh, safe, and hygienic produce, and also send the customers a fresh harvest.
  • And also Otipy uses the AI-based prediction method that will help us to reduce wastage. Also, Varun says, “We use the pre-cooling method as it reduces the field heat of produce that is harvested by farmers.
  • By that, the vegetables and fruits increase their shelf life by up to 50%.

Benefits For Farmers By Working With Otipy Startup Company

Here, we are going to provide you with the benefits that farmers get by working with the Otipy startup company.

  • We talk about the prices of fruits or vegetables directly with the farmers in advance. It is not like mandi where the farmer only gets to know the price and he reaches there.
  • And also Varun says that all their payments are electronic and also they provide an invoice discounting facility where farmers can get the payment in one day. Even though their payment cycle is 10-12 days.
  • For the farmers that are working in Otipy company, we offer 10-15 % of the premium for farmers.
  • And the process we use for quality and quantity is transparent and also they are automated.
  • Our company shares the complete ledger with the farmers about the payment and everything.
  • And also Otipy provides the best quality seeds to their farmers.

How Otipy Startup Works through AI and Got Succeeded

We are going to see how the company works and why they got succeeded in the

  • Wastage in companies will happen because of the gap between demand and supply chain.
  • Our AI-based model helps us calculate the exact demand by taking 40 parameters into consideration.
  • Some of those 40 parameters are prices, seasonality, holiday, flag, deal penetration burn, substituted products, and many more.
  • Otipy has provided a direct marketing strategy for farmers connected to our FPO.
  • Certain farmers at Otipy are good at growing spinach, and also different types of gourds.
  • We classify all the farmers through the FPO, by providing them with all the data that includes, including how need they have, how much they need to produce, and many more.
  • After completion of this process, FPO informs Otipy about the produce that is available.
  • According to that availability, Otipy places the order and the next morning farmer will be ready with the produce and then the FPO sends transportation to collect it and transport it to their collection center.
  • Sorting and grading will be done at the farmer’s end, and also there will be another one at the collection center.
  • Also for the quality of spinach, in summer they provide pre-cool and hydro-cool.

Final Outcomes

Finally, today Otipy has branches in Mumbai, Sonipat, Meerut, Bhiwadi, and Delhi NCR. Till now, the turnover of Otipy annually is 160-180 crores and about 30-40% of this will be attributed to farmers. And the fund they got is $45 million.

Hope that the information we have provided in the article about the IIT Delhi Graduate Stratup company which is earning millions today has inspired you and got an idea of how we need to work for our business

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