Homemaker Upcycles Junk Bikes, Bulbs, Basins to Create Fairytale Garden in UP

What do you do with junk bikes, bulbs, or waste basins? Look into the story of a homemaker who never tried her hands in growing plants but she created a fairytale garden in UP with wastage bulbs, basins, and many more. Know How? And learn how we can create a beautiful garden even with wastage.

Check out the article completely to know the inspiring story of this homemaker in UP.

Inspiring Story of Homemaker Who Created a Fairytale Garden with Wastage

Ruchi Goel a 30-year-old is a homemaker and she is a resident of Ghaziabad. Below we have explained the story of a girl who never watered her mother’s plants but turned upto a plant mommy with more than 1000 plants.

  • Till 2013, Ruchi never grew even a single plant even though they have a garden in their house.
  • Even after marriage, there is a garden in their mother-in-law’s house, but she never takes care of them or waters them.
  • But in 2013 her mother-in-law died and as there was no one to take care of them, they started dying even though Ruchi was watering them.
  • Then she realized that plants do not just need water, but it also needs individual care. So she wanted to start gardening as it was her mother-in-law’s memory.
  • She slowly started gardening by taking tips from her mother and from YouTube videos. She started gardening as it was her MIL’s memory but after seeing them growing slowly she fell in love with them and started buying more plants.
  • And she thought of different ideas to grow them in their front yard.
  • Now, if you see Ruchi’s garden, there will be 1000 ornamental & flowering plants, in their garden.
  • Even she cultivates vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal, coriander, and carrots. But all these vegetables are grown on her terrace.
  • Ruchi says that people who see our garden will be mesmerized not only by seeing plants but also by the creativity of the garden.

Now, you may have a doubt or thought about what creativity can we use for growing plants. But Ruchi showed there is a lot to create a paradise with simple things in your garden.

  • As Ruchi has good skills in art, she beautified her garden with waste household.
  • While in Corona, as everyone is at home, she opened their store room which was kept locked for years and she has noticed many things that are of no use.
  • And immediately she got the idea to upcycle them. Some items are scooters, bicycles, bulbs, basins, and many others.
  • She turned all those items into decorative items with her skills and used them in gardening.
  • One day, her husband received a sansevieria plant as a gift. Instead of planting it on the ground in their garden, she buried it in the tray and kept it indoors.
  • And that is not only the thing, she also decorated the tray according to her idea and it resembled a terrarium.
  • As she liked it very much, she created more of them, and she presented them as a gift to their loved ones on their special days.
  • Even Ruchi has created a pond inside a garden, and she grows several aquatic plants including a lotus.
  • Today, ruchi’s garden is not an ordinary one. But it looks like a thematic setup. And the people who come to visit Ruchi’s garden, ask where did she buy those decorative items.

Final Outcomes

Nothing comes close to the feeling of saving a dying plant or seeing a plant with fresh bud as it gives joy, satisfaction, and happiness. Hope that the information we have provided you is useful as you can even get the idea or thought of how you can change simple things with your creativity.

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