Rural Orissa Tribal Woman Says “Farming Helped Me Earn, Rebuild Life After Abusive Marriage”

This is the life story of a tribal woman who has gone through an abusive marriage and reconstructed her life again by herself with farming. Listen to her story and get motivated as many of us do not have patience in our lives and make life-ending decisions for small problems.

Even though her life became dark, she herself made her life bright. Where there is a problem, there will be a solution too. Every one of us should keep that in mind, and we need to take our life forward.

Interesting to read and know about her life story, then check the complete article.

Life Story of a Tribal Woman Who Rebuilt Her Life After Abusive Marriage

Here is the complete life story of a tribal woman who changed her life by herself with the help of a help team. And even we will know how she got into that marriage and the struggles that she faced in an abusive marriage.

As it will help many other women who are in abusive marriages, will get to know how to come out of it.

  • Jhunbala Malick is a tribal woman from a small hamlet in the Jaipur district of Odisha. And she was born into a family of laborers and she had three siblings along with our parents.
  • She studied only for up to class 5 because of her family problem as her mother had undergone into surgery. To take care of her family, she sacrificed her life.
  • From a young age, she started working on a farm along with her father where her father works as her father is an agricultural laborer.
  • The pay that he gets is only sufficient for her mother’s medicine which is a painful period as other persons in her family need to skip meals as they don’t have money.
  • After her childhood, she came to a marriage age and she got married and hoped for a better life, but it didn’t work out.

Life After Marriage

As we have seen about the childhood of Jhunbala Malick in the above section we will look into her life story after marriage as it has changed her complete life. Read out the points below.

  • As Jhunbala Malick’s family is poor, jhumbala went into an abusive relationship.
  • Because Jhumbala Malick’s family has not given the dowry as the Jhumbala Malick husband’s family demanded, as they asked for 20,000 as dowry, her family only provided 15000.
  • So, her husband, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and sister in law everyone used to beat her up. Her husband is also an alcoholic and used to drink every day and all day long.
  • He never supported Jhumbala Malick and instead, he used to abuse her.
  • After some years, as she was not able to bear the torture of her husband’s family, she took a courageous step to escape.
  • She thought that she could not continue like this anymore. She lied to her husband and family by saying she was going to her parents’ house for a few days but she never came back home.
  • After seeing 2 -3 months, Malick’s in-laws went to Malick’s house to bring her back home.
  • And they told to Malick’s parents that they would not beat her, so her parents said to go but she resisted.
  • As Malick took that decision, villagers and relatives showed some behavioral changes.
  • But Malick did not bother with all those things and started to move her life in her own way.
  • As her life is going hard, her brother who is working as a mechanical fitter was killed in a dispute.
  • So, the full financial burden is on Malick.

Life-Changing Moment in Jhumbala Malick

Look into the life-changing moments of the abused tribal woman.

  • To get rid of all the financial burden, Jhunbala joined the self-help group (SHG) and started taking her life in a better way.
  • As she put all the effort into her work, without taking much time, she became a prominent member of SHG.
  • To improve her income she conducted meetings with another tribal woman, and conducts meetings twice a month.
  • By working as an agricultural laborer and selling agricultural produce, she used to give Rs. 10000 to her family for the monthly expenses.
  • Even she arranged money for her younger sister’s marriage with the earnings from farming.
  • And she again started her married life happily by marrying a decent person and family.
  • With the initiative taken by the Association of Standard Chartered Bank in December 2021, SHG got some financial support and was trained.
  • They were taught to grow seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, brinjal, bananas, and cauliflower.
  • And also SHG members got trained for other alternative livelihood opportunities, like making hand fans, and plates using palm leaves, to generate additional income and to become self-reliant.

Jhunbala Malick says that, with this, our members in SHG, are earning a good amount of income, and nothing is impossible with all the women coming together.

Woman Constructed Her Life Again & Leading a Successful Life by Earning with Farming

Final Outcomes

Hope that the story of finding her tribe in a woman’s self-help group has inspired everyone mainly those who are in the same situation. Every woman should always be independent and strong like her to get rid of any situation.

Making life-ending decisions for every problem is not a solution. In everyone’s life, there will be ups and downs, and there will be sunshine and darkness.

So, don’t get disappointed when you are in the dark, and try to make your life bright. Jhunbala Malick’s life says the same.

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