Lose Belly Fat With These Exercises

Lose Belly Fat With These Exercises

“To sustain fat loss and to keep fat away for a longer time, resistance training is a must”

Belly fat is the most dangerous fat to have in the body. The reason for the same, is that it surrounds the viscera or the organs present in the abdomen,indirectly affecting their functioning. This makes it a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancers and hormonal imbalances. Moreover, belly fat is also aesthetically the most unwanted fat. However, there may be several reasons for the increase in belly fat and some of them are as follows:

Causes Of Belly Fat

This is a common cause of belly fat, yet there are several other factors affecting tat which can be controlled to keep it under check.

It’s either not happening or is not intense enough, to push the fat out.

Disturbed or inadequate sleep is another important factor.

Any diet high in processed food, wrong fats and carbs is a major hurdle in loosing belly fat.

This is not just empty calories but also upsets the metabolic function of the liver and thus, the body.

Produces negative physiological responses in the body and upsets normal functioning.

With increasing age, it becomes more difficult to lose belly fat.

Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Only a programme that uses the right combination of both cardio and resistance training with the right intensity will help in fat loss. Intense cardio that helps you lose fat gradually is important for losing belly fat. However, to sustain fat loss and to keep fat away for a longer time, resistance training is a must as this helps you build more muscle and increase your metabolic rate, which in turn helps keep away belly fat. Here are a few effective exercises to lose belly fat, if done correctly for 15- 25 reps and for a maximum of three sets.

Knee tucks
Sit at the edge of a bench on the long end with your chest open with your back flat. Take support with your hands behind your body by resting them on the bench. Keep your legs straight with your torso leaning back. Now, bring your torso forward as you tuck your knees in towards your stomach. Repeat this movement without keeping your feet on the ground.

V Ups
Lie flat on a mat with your knees slightly bent and hands extended backwards. Bring your hands and legs together by flexing your torso and hips at the same time. Repeat the same, without placing your feet on the ground to finish a set. It is important to breathe right throughout the exercise.

Leg Raises
There are a variety of types of this extremely useful variation that may be done depending on what one can perform. Here are a few:

Lying On A Decline Bench
Hold onto something and move both legs while keeping your knees slightly bent. As your hips flex, bring your legs up and exhale.

Elbows Supported On A High Chair
Raise both your legs together while flexing your hips. This movement is performed hanging vertically. Your back should be supported to avoid the excessive movement in the back.

Hanging Leg Raises
This exercise should be performed while hanging from a bar. It’s an advanced form of leg raises to be done only alter you gain enough control of your core to prevent excessive movement. You should also have enough strength in your arms to hang long enough to flex your hips and raise your legs to finish a set.


  • All the above variations are most useful for the belly and by doing only a couple of them for two-three sets on a workout day, may prove beneficial.
  • These moves also work well on your obliques, it performed correctly.
  • However, several other variations like basic crunch, V crunches, reverse crunches, cycling and so on, are best to enable you perform the above described variations.
  • However, but doing hundreds of them without the intention of eventually being able to do the above won’t get you far.
  • Also, it is very important to have a well programmed cardio and resistance training regime to go with these exercises and this will eventually help you lose belly fat.
  • A trainer guide is important to check the form and progress of any individual undergoing the above mentioned exercise.

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