Why You Should Avoid Excessive Sugar During Pregnancy

Why You Should Avoid Excessive Sugar During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the controlled intake of sugar isn’t dangerous. The problems only begin when you eat foods rich in refined sugar like soft drinks, cookies, ice creams, etc. So here are some risks you should know about, associated with excessive sugar intake during pregnancy.

Weight Gain And Other Discomfort

Excessive sugar consumption causes higher pregnancy weight gain, which can make even walking around seem like a tough chore. Additionally, it can even au ent common pregnancy causing discomfort like symptoms causing discomfort like constipa Ion, heartburn or nausea.

Gestational Diabetes Excessive sugar intake can cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up, thus increasing your risk of gestational diabetes. Having gestational diabetes would adversely affect your baby’s health by triggering risks of problems during delivery, and may even make the baby suffer from a low level of blood sugar, jaundice, or an unusually high birth weight.

Fatty Liver

Letting your sweet tooth take control of your pregnancy diet would increase your risk of developing a fatty liver.

Allergic Asthma And Allergy In The Baby

High sugar intake during pregnancy may boost the risk of your child suffering from allergic asthma and allergy.

Diabetes And Metabolic Syndrome Risk For The Baby

A sugar-rich maternal diet during pregnancy programs the child’s genes to a higher risk for diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Controlled consumption of natural sugars present in dairy products, vegetables or fruits is usually good during pregnancy (unless the doctor prescribes otherwise). It’s the intake of added sugar through processed and refined foods, especially in excessive amounts, which can be a cause of concern.

Ways To Curb Sugar Cravings

During pregnancy, having some crazy carvings for sugary and sweet delights isn’t uncommon. But here’s how you can curb these cravings:

1. Try Alternative Foods:
Consult your dietician to keep alternative foods ready to satiate your cravings like fresh berries drizzled with honey, oven roasted chips made of sweet root veggies, etc.

2. Get Adequate Folic Acid:
Eat leafy greens, lentils, etc. to have adequate folic acid because the lack of it would make you crave for sugar, apart from causing a tired, sluggish feeling

3. Hydrate Yourself Adequately:
Stay hydrated because dehydration can make you feel hungry and increase sugar craving

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