10 Tips For Easy Labour And Normal Delivery

10 Tips For Easy Labour And Normal Delivery

Most women desire a normal delivery and to avoid a C-section, unless medically indicated. But at the same time, they also fear the labour pain. Though labour is painful, a natural delivery has enormous benefits for both mother and the baby. This is because a C-section is like a major surgery and there are risks associated with it.

Patients usually have a speedy recovery after a normal delivery. They feel empowered, have less complications and have low chances of postpartum depression. Babies too, who go through the normal delivery, experience the good stress that is needed for their future survival. Their guts are colonised and strong due to the exposure to microbes in the birth canal. They also have less respiratory complications. So here are some tips to increase your chances of having a normal delivery.

Your body undergoes lots of physiological changes during pregnancy and labour is a marathon, so exercise regularly to stretch your muscles and make them strong

Eat Healthy And Stay Hydrated

Certain factors determine your ability to have a normal delivery. Eating complex carbohydrates, a variety of whole foods, lots of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, knowing your calorie requirement and serving size, staying hydrated and maintaining an ideal weight are few basic requirements every mom-to-be should concentrate on, even before becoming pregnant as dehydration and malnutrition can form major reasons for pre-term deliveries and birth defects.

There are lots of misconceptions regarding what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy. Eating four to five dates a day increases haemoglobin levels and iron levels and is scientifically proven to increase the chance of a normal delivery.

Be Fit To Help Shorten Labour Time

Your body undergoes lots of physiological changes during pregnancy and labour is a marathon, so exercise regularly to stretch your muscles and make them strong to help yourself during the birthing process. Antenatal exercises improve pelvic mobility which shortens the labour duration.

Stay Active During Labour And Rest Smart

Though it is believed that labour take a long time, the actual time the new mother experiences pain during labour is only a few hours. The mother can rest between contractions that facilitate labour to progress better. When you are being active and upright using good birthing positions, your pain is less and you are helping your baby to get into a good position, whereby the baby gets engaged well and labour progresses fast.

Enroll For A Good Childbirth Class

It is generally observed fact that most women have no knowledge about birthing and are unprepared! Lamaze and hypnobirthing classes make you understand the labour process, when to come to hospital, what to expect during labour, how to overcome the fear about labour, breathing exercises and preparing for the process in general, by removing the fear of labour and childbirth.

Regularly Practice Pan-Coping Techniques

Be it breathing exercises, visualisation, imagery, massage, distraction, focus or birth positions that you have learnt in childbirth classes, you need to practice regularly so that you can consciously or instinctively implement those during birthing to cope with the pain.

Practice Relaxation And Positivity At All Times

The body is a robot, the mind dictates and the body follows. So having good and positive thoughts will release good chemicals and your body will remain relaxed. Negative thoughts, fear and stress releases bad chemicals that tightens your muscles and makes labour painful. So feed your mind with positive thoughts and practice relaxation techniques that work for you.

Invest In And Hire A Birth Coach Or Doula

Birth coaches or doulas are trained people who aid the mother under labour by providing their expertise, in imparting scientific information, emotional support, helping out in the mother’s choices and decisions, teaching them about pain-coping strategies, birth positions, breathing, comfort measures and also by keeping them positive throughout the labour. Research shows that having a doula decreases C-section rates by 50 per cent.

Prepare Your Support Team

Women have been giving birth with familiar people around them, since ages. So having your spouse, mother, sister or a friend to help you prepare for the birth by attending childbirth classes, understanding your requirements and helping in decision-making will help you handle the labour with more confidence.

Have A Birth Plan

Once you know about the various options, you can choose a normal birth, pain-coping techniques and epidurals. You will also be able to decide what will work best for you, what you will need to do or prepare to achieve this goal and also have a backup plan option, if things don’t work out according to the plan.

Remain Stress-Free

Birthing needs privacy, in a calm, peaceful and relaxed environment. So having too many people around, hearing negative stories and having unnecessary distractions will result in stress which will delay the process of labour.

Tips For An Easier Labour

Be Prepared
It’s important to educate yourself completely on the labour and delivery process. Talk to new moms, read a book on labour or simply talk to your doctor to be comfortable.

Learn Pain Management Techniques
Practice breathing techniques, visualization, positive affirmation, calming exercises etc. and use these techniques whenever you feel anxious.

Get A Massage
Try having a light relaxing massage on your tummy. Also, a massage on your lower back is very effective for the later stages of labour.

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