Stress And Pregnancy

Stress And Pregnancy

While pregnancy is perhaps the most wonderful experience for a woman, it can also bring about lots of physical stress triggered by various factors including physical discomfort, fluctuating hormone levels, etc. However, there isn’t any reason to begin to panic, just try out these strategies to combat stress and cope with it in a healthy way.

Talk It Out

Whenever you feel you are overwhelmed with physical stress, reach out to people who are pregnant or have gone through the experience. They are excellent resources when you are seeking advice and looking to vent out your feelings.

Avoid Stressful Situations

Stay away from situations that can trigger or worsen the stress. For instance, if driving to work makes you uncomfortable, avoid it and let a family member do it instead.

Take Up A Hobby Class

Consider joining any simple hobby class like reading, drawing, knitting, etc. It’ll not only help take the focus away from physical discomfort, but even let you handle stress better.

Eat Right

With so many activities going on simultaneously during your pregnancy, you may become less focussed on your well-being. But taking good care of yourself, including the intake of healthy foods in a timely manner, would keep your energy levels boosted and stress levels down – exactly what you need during pregnancy.

Try Meditation

Meditate regularly to expedite the recovery process from physical discomforts. It’ll also make your mind calm, helping you get good sleep during the nights – which is very important during pregnancy.

Exercises To Do While Pregnant

Breaking into a sweat can do wonders for you, when you’re expecting. So here are some safe exercises that help improve endurance, blood circulation, etc.

It’s the easiest exercise to adopt during pregnancy and can be continued until your delivery

Water Aerobics:
Apart from rejuvenating you, a dip in the pool can help you relieve puffy ankles, sciatic pain, and nausea. But just remember to slide or step into the water instead of jumping or diving in

Indoor Cycling:
This is another great exercise that allows you to maintain your own pace, without the risk of putting unnecessary pressure on your body or the risk of falling

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