Are These Stains Ruining Your Smile

Are These Stains Ruining Your Smile

Nicotine and tar are the two major components of tobacco that cause the staining of the teeth

We are all well aware of the multitude of diseases and medical conditions the prolonged use of tobacco is known to cause. Therefore, that this substance is harmful to your health is no hidden truth. However, some people also fail to realize the havoc it creates in their oral health.

The unattractive and embarrassing tobacco stains on the teeth can be a deterrent to one’s confidence and can also hamper professional and social growth, even long after the person has quit smoking. Chronic nicotine deposits in the mouth can further lead to gum diseases, tooth loosening and cancer.

Types Of Stains
There are two types of stains found in the oral cavity, extrinsic and intrinsic. Intrinsic stains are the ones which have a physiological source during the tooth development period like high fluorine content in the residing area, drug toxicity etc. As they are ingrained into the tooth, they are more or less permanent with very limited solutions like veneering. Extrinsic stains, as the name suggests, are external stains deposited due to liquid, solid intakes during the course of lite and these can be removed easily. Tobacco stains luckily happen to come under the extrinsic category.

Nicotine and tar are the two major components of tobacco that cause staining of the teeth. Nicotine on its own is colourless, but when mixed with oxygen it turns yellow, If we see the morphology of the tooth, the outer most layer of enamel is a porous one which causes the tar and nicotine to seep into the microscopic openings after every use leading to a yellowish brown discolouration.


  • The best solution for these stains is to quit smoking or at least maintain abstinence as much as possible.
  • Good oral hygiene and also brushing after every smoke is a good start and will also go a long way in promoting good oral health.
  • It brushing is not possible, the mouth should be rinsed to get rid of any tar build-up.
  • An antiseptic mouthwash every night also helps.
  • Visiting a dentist regularly will keep a check on nicotine accumulation and prevent it from reaching advance levels.

Easy Tips

  • Nowadays, teeth whitening agents and hydrogen peroxide rinses are available in the market which can help your teeth stay white.
  • For heavy brownish black chronic stains, it is best to get professional help but a few handy home remedies like apples, cheese and celery behave similarly to organic stain removers and can be very useful for mild cases.
  • Citrus fruits containing high levels of vitamin C also prevent stain deposits.
  • A homemade scrub of 1/4 teaspoon baking powder and two-three mashed strawberries rubbed over teeth with a toothbrush and rinsed after five minutes have shown very good results over a couple of months.
  • The key here is to be patient as any method will take at least two-three months for results to show.

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