Green Gram Benefits: Health Benefits, Nutrition & Recipes of Moong Dal

The Power Of Green Gram

Moong dal or green gram is one among the many dals available and most commonly used and is packed with nutnents important for good health. Moong dal is available in two forms, whole moong dal and refined dal.

The whole moong dal is rich in fibre and is a better choice for consumption than the refined moong, also known as yellow moorig dal. Though this yellow dal Is light on the stomach and is easy to cook, It is devoid of libre and rich in proteins so it should be eaten in moderation only. Whole moong on the other hand, Is a healthier choice as fibre plays an important role in combating all non-communicable diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes and even weight loss.

Health Benefits

  • Good Vegetarian Protein Source
    The protein in moong dal is high in biological value and can be part of the everyday diet for vegetarians.
  • Powerhouse Of Nutrients
    Apart from protein and fibre, green gram is also a good source of iron and provides enough vitamins and minerals.

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  • Rich In Fibre
    The fibre content helps in weight loss as it is very tilling, helps in calorie management and also prevents constipation.
  • Exhibits Anti-Ageing Properties
    The phytoestrogens in this gram contributes to the production of elastin, a collagen which is essential for a healthy skin.

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  • Important In Vegan And Ayurvedic Diets
    Ayurveda also believes in incorporating moong dal in a regular diet to ward of doshas. Vegans also can eat a lot of it, as they can benefit from the nutrients it provides.
  • Sprouting Boosts Nutrition
    One of the ways to enhance the quality of food and improve its nutrient content is by sprouting. Sprouting boosts the nutrition of green gram and produces enzymes which help in the absorption of nutrients in the body. Sprouted moong can be made tasty by adding it to a lot of vegetables and herbs including lemon and pepper or can be eaten with other sprouts. Sprouted green gram can also be added to dosas, raita, tikki and even halwa.
  • Combats Diseases
    Moong dal is low in calories, has no cholesterol and is also rich in soluble fibre, hence it helps in lowering high cholesterol levels in the blood. It also inhibits the formation of cancer cells with the help of the protease inhibitors present in it. Green gram is also great for diabetics as it has a low glycemic index and maintains blood sugar levels.

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