Do You Choose Health Over Taste?

Do You Choose Health Over Taste?

“Natural foods are generally absorbed and metabolized slowly into the body, leading to a prolonged presence of nutrients”

Snacks And Unhealthy Ingredients

Unhealthy snacking is basically when you eat foods with very low nutritive value that can have a negative impact on your overall health. However, with a lack of time nowadays, there is an increase in the incidents of eating outside the house.

And though hotels and restaurants serve as one option, there is nevertheless the constant search for healthy, convenient, affordable eating options. This is because of growing awareness with regard to healthy eating and a change in the attitude of, enjoy now and fix your health later with medicines and surgery.

The overriding factors that help you choose your snacks is flavour and taste, but a lot of the ingredients you consume could be unhealthy. Take for example, beverage brands, biscuit manufacturers, even your neighbourhood restaurants – they all use maida (refined flour) and soda in their preparations.

Natural Foods And Healthy Snacking Options

Natural foods on the other hand are generally synergistic in their action and their constitution is similar to the human body requirements. These foods are generally absorbed and metabolized slowly into the body leading to a prolonged presence of nutrients in the body.

Natural foods also do not induce any side effects such as flatulence, acidity and allergic reactions. This concept of natural foods has created a very positive buzz with regard to healthy snacking options and snack bars. So, depending on the bars you choose, it can be very beneficial for you and can enrich your diet as well.

The right kind of snack bar is great for an energy boost post your workout/ dance/ running. However, it is important to be aware of what you are eating and the actual benefits derived. Your memories of food are essentially associated with its texture and taste, but are these two the only criteria for selecting your food? The debate of choosing taste over health is longstanding and ongoing.

Check The Ingredients

While checking labels, always observe the order in which the ingredients are listed. It is mandatory for manufacturers to declare the list of ingredients in descending order of its weight percentage. lf maida, sugar/ sugar replacers are mentioned in the beginning of the ingredients’ list, then the product is not a good option for healthy eating.

Additionally, many top selling brands use synthetically manufactured sugar replacers. These are just as bad, it not worse than refined sugar, Also, somesugar replacers like glucose syrup, high fructose corn syrup, icing sugar. sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, maltitol, erythritol should be avoided. It would be wise to also evaluate the overall content and percentage of sugar declared in the product label.

The Dangers Of High GI Foods

The reason for the usage of these unhealthy ingredients by food manufacturers is several. Maida makes the food soft and tasty: the white colour of maida gives a characteristic colour to food, while refined sugar actually increases food cravings. However, for the consumer, the use of refined foods is directly responsible for lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, fatty liver etc.

Hence, it helps to take a step back and understand what makes maida and refined sugar so dangerous. Maida is the most refined form of wheat flour, stripped of all its essential nutrients and is basically starch powder with a high glycemic index (GI). Refined sugar, also a high GI food is purified sucrose deprived of minerals associated with cane sugar.

High GI foods increases blood glucose and tend to overwork your metabolism, especially the pancreas that secretes insulin. Excess production of insulin to reduce blood glucose can lead to insensitivity/resistance to insulin, causing diabetes. Excess sugar in the bloodstream is also very reactive and binds to proteins, inhibiting protein absorption. Apart from a higher risk of diabetes, this also leads to a number of inflammatory disorders such as cataract, diabetic nephropathy etc.

Both maida and refined sugar have empty calories. They add no significant nutrition to the body but only satisfy immediate taste requirements. But it you want to avoid sugar and maida, how do you select food, especially packaged snacks? The answer is, read the ingredients list.

Low Calorie Snacks

Also, a good option now available in the market is low calorie snacks. Generally, made with low glycemic foods they are rich in dietary fibre and minerals. But while selecting these snacks, make sure you can immediately comprehend the ingredients used in the snacks.

Select snacks that comprise all natural ingredients like whole grains, millets, nuts, seeds and dry fruits. These foods tend to rely on their inherent sweetness and are rich in dietary fibre. Natural minimally processed foods also contribute maximum nutritional benefits with minimum calories and damage to your health.

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