Best Ways To Add A Sparkle To Your Smile!

Best Ways To Add A Sparkle To Your Smile!

Oral Hygiene

Your smile could be your brightest asset, but poor oral hygiene could ruin it. Not maintaining good oral hygiene is the root cause of problems like the formation of plaque, gum infection, cavities, tooth decay and many other dental problems. Regular brushing and flossing helps keep the teeth clean and prevents the build-up of plaque and cavities. It also lessens the chances of tooth decay. To maintain good oral hygiene, brush at least twice a day, as this will prevent the acids from building up in your mouth and lessen the formation of bacteria. Also, in case the tissues of your gums are weak and your teeth are more prone to bleeding, be gentle while brushing.

Brushing Flossing And Rinsing

Along with brushing regularly, it’s also good to rinse your mouth after having meals to prevent food particles from getting stuck between the partitions of your teeth. Flossing can also help remove food particles that are difficult to come out with brushing or rinsing. The floss strings go deep between your teeth and removes all the plaque that gets stuck in between. When it comes to cleaning the teeth, many always want to know about the effective techniques to get dazzling white teeth. Hence, here are some tips to help dean your teeth more effectively.

Natural Teeth Whitening Ingredients

Baking Soda And Lemon Juice Paste

This makes a highly alkaline mixture. If you have an acidic mouth or if you consume a lot of acidic food, this mixture will prevent acids from breaking down the enamel on your teeth

Strawberries And Salt Scrub

The high vitamin C content in strawberry prevents your teeth from becoming yellow which is caused due to plaque. And the salt helps to scrub away all the stains from your teeth. To make the pulp, mash the strawberries into a pulp and add a pinch of salt to it. Take a toothbrush and apply a portion of this mixture to it and brush for five minutes and then rinse your mouth. However, follow these steps every night as these remedies will start showing their results gradually.

Periodic Dental Check Ups

Although these are effective teeth whitening techniques, it is very important to get periodic dental check-ups done to get an overall idea of your oral hygiene. A dentist will properly examine your teeth and spot cavities (if any) which home remedies are unable to spot.

Also a visit to a dentist for regular clean-ups is a must because the hi-tech instruments used by dentists are designed to remove all the plaque formation in the teeth, thus reducing the risk of cavities.

Oil Pulling Therapy

This ancient Ayurvedic practice uses essential oil as a medicine. It requires gentle swishing around of a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for a span of ten minutes or more. However, it is advised that the practice of oil pulling should be done early in the morning, as soon as you get up. Also, your mouth must be rinsed with pure clean water after the oil is spat out. This can be considered as an oily version of our current mouthwashes, only, the benefits are way more powerful! You will also benefit with straighter/ whiter teeth and pink healthy gums.

Tips On Teeth Cleaning

  • When you brush your teeth, the bristles of the brush should be positioned at a 45 degrees angle, near the lining of the gum, getting both the teeth and the gums to come in contact with the bristles.
  • The outer surface should be brushed following the up and down motion and the same method needs to be followed with the inner surface.
  • If you have weak and bleeding gums, brush your teeth gently.
  • Not brushing the surface of your tongue properly. can lead to foul breath. Hence, this is also an important factor to consider while brushing your teeth.
  • Gargle with a mouthwash as it helps to kill all the germs and harmful bacteria in your mouth and also, leaves you with good breath and strong teeth.
  • Try some natural ingredients for teeth whitening. They are pocket-friendly and are a better solution compared to chemical-based products.

Choose To Heal With Nature

In case you are going through some emotional turmoil in your life, fix an appointment with nature and go for an early morning or evening walk because nature has its own unique way of healing. But how nature manages to do this, is still a mystery – you may have noticed that when you are outdoors, you feel at peace with yourself.

Have you ever noticed, that when you are sit in a garden, with lush green plants, chirping birds, scampering squirrels, the whole atmosphere seems divine and positive? You then just have to let go of all the stress, anger or any other negative emotion which you were holding onto. This is the power of nature!

Soothe Your Raw Emotions

Observe the sunrise or sunset, notice the clouds changing various shapes, feel the breath of your own body, witness a caterpillar transform into a butterfly or a bird making a nest, Soon, you will realise that nature gives you all the answers you were looking for. Love is all around you and there is nothing to worry about, everything has been taken care off – these are just a few of the messages that nature silently conveys.

Recharge And Detox Your Body

If you are suffering from any physical ailment, allow nature to play doctor. And if nothing seems to work out, go into the lap of nature. Book a nature retreat to detox your body and throw out all the chemicals. Stick to a natural vegan diet, indulge in Ayuiveda massages, practice yoga, and soak in the beautiful natural scenery away from the chaos of the city and the constant buzzing of your WhatsApp messages and status updates of your Facebook friends.

The nature retreat will recharge your body and till it with its own divine mystical energy provided, you surrender and let go of all the control on your circumstances and surroundings. Let nature take the lead, as nature is your true mother. It has all the five elements present in humans or in other words, it can be said that all of us are part of nature because we have evolved through it!

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