Vastu: A Positive Environment Creates Positive Vibrations

A Positive Environment Creates Positive Vibrations

Society is a web of relationships which are defined on the basis of interpersonal connections, causes, relevance and attachments which emerge with sentiments and emotions. With reference to a stable social structure, emotions are the most sensitive threads that create a bond between the receiver and the transmitter.

Even though almost all living beings on this globe have feelings, human beings are considered the most evolved. They have sentiments towards other humans and other creatures, nature and attach themselves to non-living things too. The complex mind frame of humans help them bond with their surroundings in multiple ways. It is relationships that define humans inner concern for each other and healthy relationships require a positive atmosphere and favourable environment.

Vastu shastra, the science of directions and vibrations has defined those minute tenets which help us create a positive conduction required to transmit feelings. A positive environment creates positive vibrations while a negative environment creates negative vibrations inside a concrete building. The tender human mind is greatly influenced with this invisible phenomena and starts acting and reacting in the resultant manner.

Vastu Tips for Ill Health

Vastu – The Science Of Vibrations
Though each house may look similar in design. colour, projections and elevations, the quantum energy inside the house is governed and directed by a lot of factors, It is true that those residing in a house definitely consume, use and inhale the same variety of vibrations. In one house the quantity of light, oxygen, air, sunrays etc. are received in the same ratio by each family member. And because of the consumption of similar energies. many couples start resembling each other in 2010 30 years. Some even feel the illness, pain or uneasiness of their partner.

In many cases, many couples tend to have similar tastes in food and even clothes. This may be the impact of the atmosphere and environment. This means that being in a similar environment and atmosphere creates similar people. Needless to say. a healthy environment helps make us healthy.

Creating Positivity With Vastu
If vibrations so strongly define our thinking, actions and future plans. should they not be tried? Vedic vastu defines multiple ways to create sustainable positive vibes inside a house Here are few simple points which can be practised by everyone easily

  • Get up early in the morning, face the east and offer a prayer to the sun to fill the inner self with positive energy. it helps revitalize positive thoughts and feelings on a daily basis. Doing this for a few months yields excellent results.
  • Grow aromatic plants in all balconies. They can be basil, turmeric, cardamom, coriander, ginger, cinnamon or mint, These plants are a part of aroma therapy and spread positive energy.
  • Open all doors and windows so that the house can breathe. This circulation is must for recreating the lite energy called oxygen.
  • Mornings are serene in nature, hence walking. reading and playing are the best ways to utilise this abandoned natural energy at dawn.
  • During evenings, light up the entrance, lobby, and rooms. Placing a chandelier in the hall is said to be positive in Fengshui.
  • Keeping an approximately 500 grams quartz crystal rock as a showpiece near the head while sleeping creates good vibes that help with interpersonal relationships. Young couples can keep a pair of rose quartz showpieces on the side tables near the bed.
  • Keeping fresh flowers in a white ceramic vase every morning in the living area enhances the mood.
  • Lighting candles made with essential oils creates a romantic environment. This also creates a feeling of togetherness and caring for each other.
  • Soothing wall colours, bed sheets and curtains help relieving tension and unnecessary mental burden.
  • De-clutter rooms every day. Keep the entrance clean and well lit. Remove cracked pots, dried plants, scraps etc. as they lead to negative thoughts and feelings.

Vastu is a science that defines the way of living. This can be compared with ISO system or Kaizen which is a guide on living a systematic life. A systematic approach needs deliberate efforts and in the long run they become a prachce, denoting the family culture.

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