Live And Let live

Live And Let live

The death of Cecil the Lion was a tragic one, one that raised eyebrows, the world over, towards the barbaric poaching and killing of the majestic beast and the dwindling numbers of other species due to hunting for trophies, poaching and illegal trade of ivory, skin and horns.

An endangered species comprises of both flora and fauna that are at a serious risk of extinction. Experts have further divided the species in to two: threatened (high likelihood to become endangered) and endangered (high likelihood to face extinction).

Causes Of Being Endangered
Over the last couple of years. the rate of plants and animals getting extinct has grown manifold and only human beings are to be blamed. Environmentalists are both amazed and concerned about the growing human population and how it is affecting the climate and the flora and fauna of the world at large.

Each year, plants. animals and birds are added to either the endangered list of species or to the threatened list of species. The conflict arises due to reckless practices followed by humans who threaten the natural habitat and the environment of other species. Unsustainable deforestation, increase in pollution, encroachment of the habitat and the development of other manmade contributions such as burning of fuels to power automobiles, factories and homes threaten the existence of other species every single day.

Importance Of Protection
One of the main reasons of protecting the flora and fauna of the world is our dependency on them – directly or indirectly. Also known as ecosystem service, the existence of each living being is dependent on the other and endangering one or more of the species can have serious implications on the existence of the other. Conserving biodiversity is a staggeringly, long-term, profitable investment and the sooner we realize this, the better it will be for all.

Another reason to protect the eco system is to maintain a balance in the overall biosphere. Biological diversity is composed of a number of ecosystems that includes plants and animals, There is a delicate yet complex balance that needs to be protected at all costs.

Living In Harmony With Nature

How Can We Help?
The majestic aura of a Lion or the beauty of a Puffin bird cannot be measured in financial terms but the appreciation can be a memorable experience if it can be felt in its natural form.

President Nixon took the first step in protecting the endangered species by drafting and signing the Endangered Species Act in 1973. The Act aims to protect and recover species and their habitat upon which they depend on.

Promote Eco-Tourism
Eco tourism is one of the ways to protect endangered species. The promoters of eco-tourism ensure that the natural habitat is protected.

Plant Native Vegetation
Small changes can make a huge difference in the ecosystems. Plant native vegetation and remove exotic vegetation and plants Native plants will encourage the population of bees, butterflies and birds and help maintain the ecological balance,

Go Organic
Organic agriculture is far more beneficial than the agriculture and cultivation done with the use of pesticides and chemical Insecticides. Organic agriculture protects the soil as well as the underground water table.

Recycling helps the environment in a huge way. For instance, by taking your own shopping bags to the store while grocery shopping or using environmental friendly paper/jute bags and donating unusable items, instead of throwing them away can have longterm benefits on the environment and the ecosystem.

Car Pool/Ride
Automobile fuels have dangerous chemicals that destroy the atmosphere. Instead of driving to work, try to car pool or ride a bicycle. This way you can protect the environment. Riding a bicycle will keep you fit too.

Save Electricity
Switch off lights and fans when not in use. Instead of using yellow light bulbs switch to environment friendly CFC bulbs.

Make Your Home Eco- Friendly
Having an eco-friendly home is where it can all begin. You can start by keeping garbage secured and disposing it wisely. You can also reduce water usage so that the level of the water table does not go down.

It is a simple equation, if we protect the habitat, both plants and animals can have a safe habitat too. Reduce your carbon footprint to help and protect the endangered species for our generation and for the generations to come.

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