Ugadi Festival Recipes: Yugadi Recipes of Karnataka, Special Andhra Pradesh Ugadi Recipes

Special Ugadi Festival Recipes 2020: Ugadi term is originated from the Sanskrit word “Yugadi” where “Yuga” known for a new period “aadi” known for the beginning. That means Ugadi is the starting of the new yuga or new period. as per the Hindu calendar, Ugadi marks the beginning of a new Hindu lunar calendar. Every year Yugadi or Ugadi falls on ‘Chaitra Shudhdha Paadyami’ or the beginning of the Indian month of Chaitra. Some people don’t know the exact date and pooja timings of Telugu New Year Ugadi, so please check it here below.

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People celebrate Ugadi 2020 on March 25th, Wednesday. Usually, people buy new clothes and decorate the house by painting or by making colorful rangolis or Ugadi Kolam 2020 to welcome the guests. Ugadi is the day where people realize the 6 different types of emotions by eating 6 different flavors of tastes i.e., Ugadi Pachadi.

Do you know What is Ugadi Pachadi and how to make it in your home easily in just a few minutes? If not, click on the link and know all about Yugadi Pachadi Recipe and come back to this page and learn what are those varieties of Ugadi festival dishes that you must try in your home. Here we have compiled best and traditional recipes of Ugadi Telugu new year dishes & famous Yugadi recipes of Karnataka in videos.

Ugadi or Yugadi Festival Recipes that you must try on this Auspicious day

Ugadi or Yugadi is the most important festival in India especially Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana states. In Maharashtra, Ugadi is named Gudi Padwa and most of them decorate Gudi and celebrate the day by making delicious food items and offers god for good health and prosperity. Ugadi is celebrated as a Hindu New Year 2020 in Telugu and Kannada communities.

The most important dish that is prepared on Ugadi day is Ugadi Pachadi. Ugadi Pachadi symbolizes all the 6 tastes – sweet, salty, spicy, sour, astringent and bitter. But in Karnataka, a mixture of neem flowers and jaggery is consumed known as ‘Bevu Bella’, where Bevu means Neem flowers, and Bella means Jaggery in the Kannada language. So, this will be included as a first dish in the list of both Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka Ugadi Festival Recipes.

Best Ugadi Recipes of Andhra Pradesh You can Add to the Menu

The following 5 videos will help you to add 5 traditional dishes to your Ugadi festival Prasadam & lunch menu. So, check out the step by step process of making these popular Andhra Pradesh Ugadi Recipes from the provided videos and try to include them while pooja time as a Maha Prasadam.

Ugadi Pachadi Recipe: (6 Tastes Represents 6 Emotions)

Ugadi Pachadi is a festive food drink including 6 ingredients having the 6 tastes. See the below video and make it delicious to offer as a Naivedyam to your divinities.

Sweet Pongal (Chekkara Pongali) Recipe:

A sweet oatmeal-like dish cooked with rice and mung lentils, flavored with cardamoms and dry fruits. Sweet Pongal is also known as Sakkarai Pongal in the Tamil language. Other traditional variations of Pongal are Ven Pongal, Rava Pongal, and Sweet Pongal recipe with sugar. A must sweet dish prepared by South Indians during the festivals to offer as Naivedyam. So, on this Ugadi festival also Sweet Pongal remains as the main festival recipe in every house.

Badam Halwa Recipe:

Badam Halwa dessert made with puréed almonds, butter/ ghee (clarified butter), sugar and saffron. This Ugadi Special Recipe, Badam halwa has the right sweetness and a lovely texture which is not soft and thick. But kind of between. One which gives a pleasant feeling when you taste the halwa.

Poha Ladoo Recipe:

Making this recipe is very quick and tastes delicious. Poha ladoo prepared with thick poha, jaggery, and ghee. Poha is flattened rice or parched rice that can be used to make so many varieties of recipes such as Poha idli, Poha dosa, Poha Chivda, Aloo poha, Poha Upma, and Sweet poha. These poha ladoos are not only quick to make but also treated as a good dish to offer gods while festivals.

Lemon Rice Recipe:

Lemon Rice is crunchy, flavorful and sour rice recipe from south India. The most famous and frequently made rice recipes at the time of festivals in south India. Few more popular South Indian rice varieties are Ghee rice, Tomato rice, Nei choru, Carrot rice, and Bisi Bele Bath.

Dahi Vada Recipe: 

Dahi Vada is a very popular snack/chat item across India. It is also known as Dahi Bhalla in Punjabi and Thayir Vadai in Tamil. Basically, this wonderful, rich & the creamy dish is made by first frying and then soaking the lentil vadas in a spicy Yoghurt mixture. It’s then topped with some fresh grated carrot and coriander leaves.

Popular Yugadi Festival Recipes of Karnataka That You Should Try

On this auspicious occasion of Yugadi New Year 2020, a variety of traditional recipes are prepared for Neivedyam to Gods during the Pooja time. Here’s a collection of the delicious Karnataka Yugadi festival food dishes prepared at home in a simple process. Click on the videos and view how to do it easily by beginners!

Bevu Bella Recipe:

Holige/ Puran Poli/ Obbattu Recipe:

Holige/ Obbattu, a tasty Indian bread stuffed with sweetened yellow lentils, is a traditional sweet from North India. It is made during special occasions & festivals like Yugadi, Diwali, Holi, etc. It is also known as Puran Poli in North India, Bobbatlu in Andhra Pradesh. The recipe is very simple to prepare. The lentil jaggery filling is known as Puran and the roti covering is called Poli (Puran Poli).

Mavinakayi Chitranna Recipe:

Mavinakayi Chitranna is a very tasty and healthy meal recipe that can be offered to god while festivals. Mavinakai chitranna or mango rice is very easy to prepare for your sake we have provided a video below. check out this Yugadi Kannada special festival recipe and enjoy the day.


I Hope, you figure out the menu for this Ugadi New Year day 2020 after viewing the above provided Ugadi Special Dishes Recipes in Andhra and Karnataka Style. If you need more traditional recipes for all the festivals, then feel free to comment us in the below comment box. Or else, visit our site Version Weekly to find more dishes prepared at this Yugadi Festival 2020.

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