Gudi Padwa Date: When is Ugadi in 2020? – Know Significance and History of Yugadi

Gudi Padwa is a Marathi Festival that marks the beginning of the Civil Year for Hindus. It is also known as Ugadi or Yugadi in South India and is celebrated to welcome the spring season and New Year. Usually, the first day of Chaitra Month is Celebrated as Gudi Padwa by Hindus. It is known as Chaitra Shukla Pratipada by the Marathas. Rituals and various other activities commence right from Sunrise and carried out throughout the day.

Gudi Padwa 2020 Date and Timings

Gudi Padwa will be celebrated on Wednesday 25th March 2020. The day is considered quite auspicious for buying gold and silver, doing pooja at home. Usually, People consider certain timing or Muhurat for buying gold or something. However, the Whole day of Gudi Padva is auspicious and you need not check for any particular timing to buy anything. The Pratipadha Tithi begins on 24th March at 2:47 PM and ens at 5:26 PM on 25th March.

Historical Significance associated with the festival

People Pray to Lord Vishnu during this festival and It is believed that Lord Vishnu asks Gods to keep his devotees healthy and successful. Before the Sunrise, as Sun is extremely people pray to the Lord for prosperity.

It is also believed that Gudi Padva is the very day when Lord Rama, the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu returned to his Kingdom Ayodhya after killing Ravana. Thus it is celebrated as a nee era or being of wellness, justice, and prosperity.

Customs and Rituals of the Festival

Gudi Padwa is celebrated in different forms in various parts of the country. In the Southern Parts of India, it is celebrated as Ugadi or Yugadi. Devotees Pray to Lord Vishnu and Brahma right from the moment of Sunrise. It is usually, believed that the just before the sunrise or moment of twilight is very auspicious.

One tries to absorb the Vitality and Strength of Sun in its purest form during this hour. This is the Spiritual Significance of Gudi Padwa.

  • Colorful and Beautiful rangolis are made right in front of the homes.
  • Gudi is decorated. It is the stick usually covered in a bright cloth with an inverted silver or copper pot and then placed in front of households and offices.
  • People usually clean their household or offices as it is the beginning of the new year and welcomes the New Season.
  • Sweets Distribution is done for the needy.
  • People hoist the Gudi 5 to 10 Minutes after the Sunrise.


We believe you have got enough ideas on Gudi Padwa Date, when is it in 2020 and the historical significance associated with the festival. If you wish to know anything related to the festival feel free to ask us via comment section and we will help you out.

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