Makar Sankranti 2022 Recipes: Til Laddu, Payasam, Khoa Sweet, Rice Recipes Must Try For 2022 Pongal Festival

Pongal Recipes – Makar Sankranti 2022 Recipes: Here are 10 Easy recipes to try at home on this Sankranti. These are compiled with easy-to-access videos to save your valuable time at the festival time.

Okay! Let me wish all my readers, A Happy and Prosperous Makar Sankranti/Pongal. Sankranti is a harvest festival celebrated in most parts of India. This year, Makar Sankranti falls on 15th January 2022, Saturday.

Traditionally, the Sankranti festival is named after Pongal because the traditional dish will be made from the new harvest of rice boiled in milk with jaggery. This dish is named Pongal in the south Indian states.

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Mostly, people prepare the Pongal sweet dish and offered it to the god as Prasadam especially to lord Sun because the harvest festival is dedicated to lord sun. In some communities, it is also offered to a cow, worshiped as a goddess of Lakshmi.

After that, Prasadam will be given to the remaining family members and neighbors. In this article, I have come up with some of the famous Pongal Recipes or Sankranti festival recipes for deciding the festival menu easily.

List of the Makar Sankranti Recipes

Here is the list includes Pongal festival recipes such as delicious sweets, snacks, rice dishes, traditional dishes and more. So, click on the links and reach out to your favorite Sankranti Festival Recipes in seconds.

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Okay! Let’s get started into our tasty tasty Pongal recipes first.

Pongal Festival Recipes

Sweet Pongal is offered to God as Prasadam on the day of Pongal or Sankranti. It is a traditional dish and is offered to every god at the festival times as Naivedhyam.

There are various kinds of Pongal dishes you can prepare as a Prasadam to lord Sun and Lakshmi. For every dish, we have given a detailed explanation in the form of a video. So, you can see how to make tasty sweet Pongal dishes along with ingredients and recipes.

ANDHRA BELLAM PONGALI RECIPE: It is a variety of the basic sweet Pongal dish cooked with rice, moong dal, milk, and jaggery. Mainly, it is made in some parts of Andhra Pradesh. Also, this Pongal recipe comes very near to the traditional sweet Pramannam but it includes moong dal.

Look at the complete recipe of the Andhra Bellam Pongali dish in the below video and made it in your house to offer as Prasadam.

SAKKARAI PONGAL RECIPE: This is one more type of sweet Pongal recipe, made during the Pongal festival. It consists of rice, jaggery, milk, and nuts. You can find a full Sweet Pongal Recipe in Tamil and Telugu in the below-provided videos. Let’s start watching the traditional dish Sakkarai Pongal video and include it in the festival menu.

KHARA / VEN PONGAL RECIPE: Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal is a salted version of the Pongal dish. The main ingredients are rice & moong dal but it is seasoned with hing, pepper, salt & curry leaves. Don’t get confused, just see the below-detailed recipe of Khara Pongal or Ven Pongal and serve with peanut chutney or sugar for better taste.

Makara Sankranti Recipes – Laddu

Ladoos are a special sweet prepared during this Makar Sankranti 2022 Festival. Mostly, people make various kinds of ladoos like til ladoo, coconut laddu, etc & share them with friends, family members, relatives, and neighbors on the occasion of the Lohri & Pongal 2022 festival.

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TIL LADDOO RECIPE: Til Ladoo is also known as Til Gud Ke Ladoo, Til Ke Ladoo, Til Gud Ladoo, or Sesame Laddu. Til laddoos are nothing but sweet balls prepared with roasted sesame seeds, jaggery, roasted peanuts or kaiju’s (if needed), and cardamom powder.

Want to know the quantities of the ingredients to make special Lohri Til Ke Ladoo Recipe? Simply have a glance at the given videos below. You can check out these Homemade Til Gud Ke Ladoo Recipe in Hindi and English languages.

Here, in this article, I have shared two recipes of sesame seeds ladoo. One is from North India cuisine and the second recipe is from Andhra cuisine. These two Pongal Til Ke Ladoo Recipes are quite easy to make and are delicious.

COCONUT LADOO RECIPE: It is another kind of famous sweet balls made with coconut, sugar or jaggery and cardamom powder prepared at the festival time in South India. Especially, the Kerala state prepares coconut ladoos on every occasion.

And, Makar Sankranti is the auspicious festival where almost all parts of India celebrate beginning with the worship of lord of fire, making delicious sweets & snack food items, and kites flying. Check out the detailed process of Makar Sankranti Coconut Ladoo Recipe in the below video and made them on this special occasion.

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RAVA LADOO RECIPE: Rava Ladoo is one of the best ladoo recipes, made with roasted semolina, sugar, ghee, nuts, and raisins. It is so easy to prepare and saves your festival time to enjoy & have fun with family members. Rava Ladoo Recipe is the best one to made at Makar Sankranti 2022 festival. Below are the two recipes to prepare Suji Ladoo easy & tasty.

SUNNUNDALU Or URAD DAL LADOO RECIPE: It is the most famous Indian sweet recipe especially from Andhra Pradesh. Sunnundalu is the Telugu name of Urad Dal Ladoo. Most of the people prepare sunnundalu and Ariselu at this Pongal (Makar Sankranti) festival. If you are going to prepare this urad dal ladoo for the first time, then watch the below recipe video and make it tastier.

Makara Sankranti Special Recipes – Burfi Sweet Recipe

Barfis are delicious sweets and people all over India made a variety of Burfi’s at the time of the Makar Sankranti Festival. Here are some of the special Pongal recipes of burfi. Just play a video of your listed barfi item and note down the recipe clearly & prepare the Pongal Barfi Sweet easily.

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COCONUT BARFI is perfect to make for any occasion or celebration. This recipe will help you to make the best coconut burfi without using khoya.

7 CUPS BARFI is a sweet made with besan, sugar, milk, and ghee.

Chenna Poda

Makara Sankranti Recipes – Fired & Traditional Snacks

In festival times, most of the people made various types of food items like sweets, spicy snacks, evening snacks and more for family members and relatives in honor & to stop our hungry after kite flying and fun made during the time.

By keeping that point in mind, we have shared a variety of snack recipes on this page. So, follow the below Sankranti Snacks Recipe Videos carefully and prepare your children’s favorite snack even more savory.

Medu Vada – Garellu

Punugulu is an easy snack made with idli/ dosa batter.

Mysore Bonda is an easy snack made with wheat flour, spices, and herbs.

Sweet Appam

MURUKKU or murukkulu is one of the snacks that is made in most Telugu homes for Sankranti.


Nippattu is another snack made with rice flour.

Pongal Festival Recipes – Payasam Recipes for Makar Sankranti 202

Traditionally, Rice Payasam will be made on Bhogi/Lohri with cow’s milk, jaggery, and ghee. Here are some of the types of Payasam Recipes you can try easily in your house for the festival such as Rice Payasam with sugar & jaggery, Semiya Payasam, Pala Talikalu (especially from Andhra Pradesh State), Chana Dal Payasam, Sabudana Kheer, and more.

So, don’t waste your time in other searches, just scroll down the page and find all the Kheer Recipes with a detailed description on how to make Makar Sankranti Payasam/ Kheer Sweets and cook it tastier.

Rice Payasam with Sugar: 

Bhogi chi Bhaji



Rice Payasam with Jaggery – This is a traditional recipe made with rice.

Semiya Payasam

Pala Talikalu

Chana Dal Payasam

Moong Dal Payasam

Sabudana Kheer

Makar Sankranti Rice Recipes

If we heard the rice recipes name then our mind fastly reminds some of the famous and traditional dishes like Pulihora, sambar rice, Vangi Bath, curd rice, and more like this. But few people know the exact recipe to prepare it tastier. If you are one of them, simply move the page down and start watching the Makar Sankranti Rice Recipes from this page.



Bisi Bele Bath

Sambar Rice

Vangi Bath

Lemon Rice

Curd Rice

Mango Rice

Temple Style Curd Rice

Makar Sankranti Recipes 2022: Side Dishes

In the below videos, you will find various side dishes that can be prepared at the time of the Makar Sankranti festival. Know the recipes of each side dish and made them on these pongal holidays for your family and relatives.


Veg Kurma

Gutti Vankaya

Brinjal Fry

Ladies Finger Fry

Raw Banana Fry

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