Makar Sankranti 2020: Best Rangoli Designs to Try for Pongal

Rangoli Designs: As New Year has come it’s time for all the festivals. Festivals like Lohri, Pongal and Makar Sankranthi are on the way and people have begun preparations for them already. Usually, Rangoli Designs can be created using coloured rice, paints, flowers and coloured sand etc.  Rangoli art is a traditional way of welcoming good luck and its prominence has been left unaltered over the years.

People do Kolams or Rangoli Designs with various colours and even competitions are held to encourage the old and young artisans. During the auspicious occasions, people make colourful patterns and designs in front of the houses, the main door and in courtyards etc.

Colourful Rangolis to decore your homes with

Most of the People spend hours to make interesting and attractive designs. In order to give them some inspiration and ideas to design on which Rangoli to opt we have bought some lovely designs for reference. You can have a look at them and make a beautiful Rangoli Design in front of your house.

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Pongal Rangoli 2020 || 5×3 Middle Dots Pongal Kolam || Pongal Special Peacock Pot Rangoli With Dots

Dot Rangoli: 15 to 8

Creative Bhogi kundalu muggulu for Sankranthi

Draw this Sankranthi 2020 Bhogi Kundalu Muggulu – Pongal kolam designs

Sankranthi Muggulu | New Pongal kolam & rangoli designs | Easy rangoli | Beautiful pongal pot kolam

Easy Pongal kolam. Simple and Beautiful Pongal rangoli.

Top 5 special Rangoli designs//Sankranthi muggulu//Pongal kolams//easy rangoli

Sankranthi Muggulu With Colors * Sankranthi Diwali Rangoli Designs 2020 * Pongal Kolam Designs

Sankranthi special Ratham muggulu | Chariot kolam for Pongal 2020 rangoli suneetha

Pongal rangoli Kolam designs /Sankranthi rangoli designs 2020/Sankranthi muggulu

Rangoli Designs
Rangoli Designs Source: Madhuri warke
Rangoli Designs
Rangoli Designs: Webneel

So now that we have mentioned some beautiful and colourful Rangoli Designs pick any of them and add a touch to your art. Make your Pongal even more beautiful with these Kolams and Rangolis.

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