Special Makar Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu, Mattu Pongal Kolam and Stunning Rangoli Designs for Kite Festival Trending in 2021

Happy Pongal 2021: From JANUARY 13 to Jan 15, 2021, the festival of happiness, goodness, and wealth – Pongal 2021 will be celebrated. This is better known as the Harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. In various parts of India, the festival is known by different names- like Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra, Lohri followed by the Maghi festival in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, and Magh Bihu in Assam.

Amongst the rituals, and also the food delicacies that are prepared for the special day. But making artistic Kolam designs or Rangoli designs at the entrance of the homes, and even conducting community competitions are quite normal during these festive days. Here, we have a collection of Rangoli designs that you can choose from and make this 2021 Pongal extra special!

Pongal Pot Rangoli 2021 | 7 Dots Sankrankranthi Special Muggulu 2021 | Pongal Rangoli With Dots

New Pongal Rangoli 2021 | Easy and Attractive Pongal kolam Design with Colors

Creative Peacock Bhogi Kundalu Kolam | Sankranthi Muggulu 2021

Sankranthi Easy Pongal Pot Kolam Designs For Beginners | Pongal rangoli designs

50+ Mattu Pongal Kolam Rangoli Designs

Easy Pongal kolam 2021 | Simple and Beautiful Pongal rangoli.

Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu 7-7 dots | Mattu pongal Rangoli Designs | रंगोली बनाना सिखाओ.टिपक्याची रंगोली


Pongal Geethala Muggulu | Sankranthi special Gobbemmala Muggu | Padi Kolam

Rangoli Design Images for Makara Sankranti Festival 2021

Sankranti muggu Sankranthi Rangoli 8 Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu 19 Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu 18 Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu 15 Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu 14 Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu 13 Sankranthi Chukkala Muggulu 4

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