Psychological Stress: 13 Simple Ways To Manage Stress And Prevent Burnout

In moments of stress, breathe deeply, take a few minutes off and go for a walk or conjure a happy memory, or jot down your thoughts. If it’s overwhelming, go on a vacation or, at least, get a pedicure or massage. If you can’t do either, talk to a friend. Eat healthy and do exercise or yoga and pranayama daily. Listen to relaxing music and try aromatherapy before a mandatory 8-hour sleep every night.

Stress has become an inevitable part of the modern lifestyle, caused by problems with finances, relationships, looming deadlines, job security, or health issues. Add daily stressors like traffic/commute, arguments with friends or family, lack of “me” time, and constantly running against the clock, and it’s no wonder we feel perennially exhausted and burn out earlier than ever.

Forgetting things too easily? Feeling irritable or exhausted? Your everyday stress is probably getting to you.

But it’s not just an emotional burnout; believe it or not, stress has been associated with the 6 leading causes of death worldwide: cancer, heart disease, lung disease, accidents, liver disease, and suicide. It can even shrink the part of your brain that is responsible for learning and memory.

Not all stress is bad, however. A little bit of stress is actually a good thing – it keeps you alert, focused, and helps you deliver your best performance, such as during a crucial presentation or an important exam. But if you are perpetually on an emotional roller-coaster because of stress, and it’s affecting your health and personal and professional life, take these 13 steps.

1. Understand That It Is In Your Control

Even though stress is brought on by external events, the actual feeling of being stressed depends on how we think about and react to those external events. This means that no matter what our circumstances or what we do for a living, we all have the ability to reduce our stress by deploying specific coping strategies. That is the first and, quite possibly, the most empowering step!

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