Beneficial Directions For Meditation

Beneficial Directions For Meditation

“Though everyone may try to locate an area in the house where he/she feels like meditating, vastu may make one’s efforts, accurate, fruitful, easy and feasible”

Vastu is concerned with human factors which remain the same, in terms of preferences related to man’s needs, psychology, socio-cultural identities, family and other life supporting concerns. And though the shape and significance of those concerns have altered with the changing times, but as a social creature, human beings cannot change all the aspects and turn them upside down. Therefore, the tenets of vast u still hold relevance and are followed by almost all classes of society in a rational manner, because when a subject is defined scientifically, it becomes logical.


People describe life according to their own philosophy, but most people appreciate competition, struggle, work-speed and future growth targets. And though there is nothing wrong in accepting challenges, balancing the energies amongst the body, mind and soul is also essential. At the same time, one aims for mental peace, sound health and balanced temperaments.

Meditation is one of the best tools to de-stress and streamline human energies. And though meditation is gradually obtaining prominence in modern society and in most of the parts on the globe, defining the perfect method and the real benefit of meditation is still a tricky question. Vastu is a science of directions and vibrations and studies, analyses and defines the proper direction for each activity.

Meditation And Its Positive Effects On The Brain

Vastu Helps

According to vastu, there is a proper direction and location for every deed. Meditation cannot be categorised as an ordinary human action like sleeping. playing, eating. working, driving or doing exercise. It is something which is similar to creating a very sensitive thread by way of synchronising the outer-self and inner-self. Initially, anchoring the uncontrollable mind to concentrate on a given holy task, needs deliberate efforts.

And as per vastu, every activity needs a perfect mix of physical and occult peripherals like proper light, sound, echo, temperature, colours, humidity and auric sphere. In short, these may be defined factors for a conducive situation or condition required for meditation. Peace, sound, breath, concentration, calming ambience and a happy mood are the primary requirements for starting meditation. So, though everyone may try to locate such an area in the house, where he/she feels like getting all or few of the above, vastu may make one’s efforts, accurate, fruitful, easy and feasible.

Positive Vibrations

The east direction is known to be the direction of the lord Sun, the God of knowledge, holiness, wisdom and positive thinking. North-east is defined as the sub-direction for innovation and creativity. North is the coolest direction and related with powerful magnetic flux, meant for concentration and cool temperaments. It means that these directions are best suited for doing any such activity that needs concentration, a calming environment and holiness of the lord Sun. It is filled with positive vibes which are necessary for meditation beneficial directions.

If a place is filled with positive vibes, after meditation one may feel charged with positivity and rejuvenated. Therefore. try to choose the area of east, north-east and north for any spiritual activity. However, other directions are also good, but avoid choosing the south-west direction for tranquil endeavours such as meditation.

Supportive Elements

Small plants, flowers, open areas, green grass, light shadows, morning hours, light colours, light apparels, quiet environment and accurate light are the factors which are easily and naturally available in the north-east direction and one can easily harness this positive energy to add to the fulfilment of practicing meditation. On the contrary, heavy noise, dark colours, sharp light, noon or afternoon hours, stressed areas, harsh music and cluttering etc. are hindrances to meditation and may not be helpful.

For quick concentration while doing meditation, one should try to face the east or north-east and keep away all electronic and electric gadgets. Mobile phone, computers, TV sets, electric stabilisers and other such objects should either be put oft or put away while concentrating.

Flow Of Energy

The full body should be tree of bonds and bindings like leather belt, wrist watch and other such objects because at the time of channelizing the energy in kundalini (seven energy centres – the seven glands) from moladhara (base chakra) to crown chakra, such blockages may block the proper flow of energy and the purpose of meditation may remain unaccomplished. Therefore, all possible measures should be initiated while meditating, since it is also a means to achieve spiritual self- actualisation.

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