How To Bring Positivity Into Your Life

How To Bring Positivity Into Your Life

To be “positive” implies taking a stance presupposing a favourable outcome of a future event. It’s an approach towards life. Positive thinking and a positive attitude are proven to improve the quality of our life by increasing the chances of our success, improving our health and ensuring happiness.

However, being positive should not be understood as either indiscriminate acceptance or ignorance of factual data. It is taking a conscious stand, particularly when decision making through logical process is not possible.

Action And Behaviour
Being positive has two aspects: one is action and the other is behavioural. The action part of ‘being positive’ comes into play when a choice has to be made and when actionable information for decision making is not available and the future outcome is likely to be uncertain

When need for action becomes imperative and the goal to be achieved is not a petty, selfish goal but a superordinate goal. the obvious choice then would be to take a positive stand. In such a situation, it hardly matters what the final outcome would be. With no other choice, thought’ is not involved. Everything else falls in to place with the absence of thought. The course of action will be a right one and the result can be only positive.

Regarding the behavioural aspect, it is simple logic that we have to behave in the same manner in which we expect to be dealt with, by others. Being positive’ isn’t being either submissive or aggressive. It’s being confident, assertive, affirmative and expansive. It we were to be successful and happy, we have to be effective in maintaining harmonious relations. Pretentious behaviour doesn’t work! We have got to be really positive’ from deep with in!

Negative Factors And Obstacles
Being positive is not a problem for those fortunate few, who by nature are positive. And this is not the case for most of us. Positive behaviour cannot be acquired or adopted without overcoming a negative attitude and feelings.

The first and foremost obstacle to being positive is thought. Thinking oriented people cannot take a stance based on presumption. Thought cannot be prevented, unless one starts living in the present and not in either the past or the future.

The second and equally strong obstacle for being positive is desire. Desire ¡s the root of all negative thoughts and emotions. We are troubled with our desire to acquire wealth and power. When one desire is fulfilled. instead of providing the expected satisfaction, it gives use to another desire and the pursuit goes on endlessly. We need to understand the futility of fulfilling our desires.

Instead, if we compare ourselves with those who are underprivileged and in a disadvantageous position in comparison to us. it gives us immense satisfaction and if we are decent enough in our thoughts, we may even consider helping others, which is the best thing to do. Unfulfilled desires are potentially disastrous as these could generate all kinds of negative emotions Negative feelings take control of us and we would not be free to make any choice!

The third obstacle is a lack of freedom because we are not free enough to choose to be positive. We are leading a compulsive life, driven by negative emotions and thoughts. Therefore, we need to gain control of our self. We need to identity the hub of all negative thoughts, positioned within our sell. We must be aware of all that is going on within our self. This awareness keeps the strength of negativity under check. We will start gaining control and our freedom will gradually increase.

The other way of reducing the influence of negativity is through increasing our happiness. Happiness is the right antidote to negativity. There are several ways of increasing our happiness to which we are becoming less sensitive. being obsessed by materialistic considerations. The remedy is to indulge in love, romance, sex, music, nature’s beauty, playfulness (games and sports or with little children), gardening and rearing pets. There are many sources of happiness in this world, provided we are ready to lead a happy life! The happiness we derive from life sets us free from compulsions because the ultimate goal of all living beings is the conquest of happiness.

The fourth obstacle for positive thinking is a reactive nature Being positive is being proactive. We thoughtlessly react to conversations and events around us, without being mindful of our objectives and thus defeat our purpose. A reactive nature is due to the presence of a strong ego! Suppressing or getting over your ego is a difficult matter so for now, we can ignore what is difficult to overpower! But the Best way of doing it is by being goal oriented.

‘Being positive’ has many other aspects and facets to it and there is plenty more to explore in this realm, but we have just touched upon the topic by highlighting some obstacles in the path to bring positivity into one’s life.

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