Spa Sounds That Heal!

Spa Sounds That Heal!

According to Karen Olsen. people in ancient times regularly executed body massage to have a healthy and vigorous lifestyle. She writes, ‘Healing retreats have their origins in places such as the Asclepieia of ancient Greece, temples where ill people told their dreams to a priest who then recommended treatments, often including a visit to baths or the gymnasium.’

A spa is a sophisticated and trendy name for a place where You can get a massage done. People of today as for relaxation and temporary rejuvenation, due to the stressed byes we lead, but people of ancient times indulged in a spa like experience for inner strength and vigour.

Spas And Music
Music in spas is not a novelty or not a modem development – it has been present in the sounds of the ocean, the chirping of birds and from the sound of rivers or rain. The sounds of nature is real music, which keeps us grounded and closer to Mother Nature.

However, overtime, natural music faded away and paved the way for sounds of nature. which may sound the same but are not natural. Consequently, spa sounds like rushing river’, rhythmic ocean waves,’ harmonious heartbeats,’ and inspirational water drips’ have added spiritual and veridical flavours in spa sessions and the popular phrase today is, relaxing music.’ Nevertheless, the treatment in a musical spa is beneficial and in fact essential for an embellished lifestyle and well-being. A few benefits are as follows:

Heightens Positive Hormones
Serotonin, considered to be the happy’ neurotransmitter by experts generates better mood, sleep and cognitive abilities. Spa activates the positive hormones keeping you more grounded and attached to your roots. It provides a secure, blissful feeling.

Reduces Stress Levels
Spa sounds are a great way to disconnect from everyday complications and welcome the serenity and peace of the night. You can alleviate stress caused due to anxiety and agitation in petty things by absorbing these relaxing and calming tunes.

Improves Creativity
A study was conducted on a seven-year-old dyslexic, unfocused, boy whereby his mother massaged him while playing the sounds of tidal waves in the background. She did this for half an hour for six days, while the researchers observed the boy meticulously. And for the rest of the day after the massage, the boy spend hours innovating colourful Lego boats, ships, castles, star-fishes, and other stuff related to water and waves. The good news is that he could explain every single nut and bolt he used. He literally left the researchers amused and his mother emotional. Therefore, spa sounds reinforce brain functioning and blows creativity balloons in a child’s unfiltered free mind.

Lowers Heart Rate
People in waiting rooms, hospitals and other clinical environments show a decrease in heart rate when relaxing non-percussive music plays, say studies. Listening to this rejuvenating music in a spa helps lower the blood pressure and heart rate. A lower heart rate renders a calmer self and can give inner peace to focus and achieve your goals easily.

Reiki Healing
Reiki Is a simple, natural and safe Japanese technique for healing the mind and self-improvement, applicable for all. It has been effective in curing almost all diseases and maladies and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Reiki And Music
Combining reiki with suitable music is known to make a person delve into the inner bright light, trashing all worldly sorrows and ailments. Tunes like chiryo (tunes with flute and bells), reiji ho (Asian flute with Tibetan instruments), palm healing (metal warmer and knells), monk’s healing tones etc. treats the neural hormones via its sonic electric currents and heightens the spirit. The sounds of bells, flute, conch and metal-bowl combined together, make meditative tunes and have a 60 per cent greater therapeutic effect on the patient.

A Spiritual Tranquilizer
Kay had quite a few silent heart attacks and he was diabetic too. In 2000, his condition deteriorated and doctors had to recommend heart catheterizations. He had one and there was a gap for the next. However, things changed for him, post his graduation party when he met a lady, who was a reiki teacher there.

Something ‘Fishy’ About Fish Spas?

She insisted he take a reiki session, for he had nothing to lose So, he took an hours session and it changed his life – he felt absolutely healthy and blissful. The next day he had to take the medical heart sessions for which he was so scared, he began to cry, but the doctors were spellbound. because his reports showed that his heart was normal!

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