Weight Loss: The GM Diet Plan: Lose Fat in Just 7 Days?

GM Diet’s Rapid Weight Loss Plan

The General Motors (GM) diet is a weight loss plan invented by General Motors Corporation to help keep their employees stay in shape. Along with the diet, exercises should be performed before and during the diet. This diet plan helps reduce up to seven to eight kilos in seven days.

The GM diet is a seven-day weight loss management plan that consists mainly of selected fruits and vegetables, less protein, fat and carbohydrates and high amounts of fibre because adding a lot of fibre is vital for weight management.

To prepare for the GM diet, one needs to avoid alcohol, drink more water, at least 10-12 glasses of water daily. This helps hydrate the skin and replenishes the body’s moisture content as well as washes out toxins from the body. Fruit juices detoxify, boost ¡mmunity, fight infections and also contain vitamin C. Vegetable juices clean the body of all the impurities and improve bowel function too.

GM diet consists mainly of selected fruits and vegetables, high amounts of fibre and less of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

The Diet Plan

Day 1
Eat only fruits and have water. Avoid eating bananas, oats and peas.

For breakfast have a bowl of papaya, melons and two glasses of water. As a snack. drink a big glass of orange juice to stop craving for sweets. You can also have coconut water as ¡t keeps you full for longer. Have an orange, kiwi and melons for lunch and an apple juice or a cup of berries in the evening. Dinner is a cup of melons, apples and papaya and two-three glasses of water.

Day 2
Eat only vegetables and have water. Do not eat carrots. corn and peas. For breakfast, eat a baked potato made with olive oil and two glasses of water. For lunch have lettuce, cabbage, cucumber and water. Make some boiled broccoli, asparagus and tomatoes for dinner. For snack time include fresh vegetable juices and tomatoes and two-three glasses of water.

Day 3
Eat a combination of vegetables, fruits and water. Do not eat bananas. By this day, you would have lost at least one or two kilos. On this day. consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Drink carrot juice and tomato juice along with water during snack time. Start the day with tomatoes cooked with little oil and some fruits and two or three glasses of water. At lunch have salads with cucumber and tomatoes dressed with olive oil. For dinner have a salad and fruits like orange and watermelon.

Day 4
Start the day with banana and milk for breakfast. At lunch, eat some satiating vegetable soup. For dinner, have some vegetable soup and banana shake. As a snack, enjoy a banana milk shake and cabbage soup and more water. Use skimmed milk for the shakes.

Day 5
Start the day with breakfast that contains any meat and tomato soup to feel full. For lunch, enjoy a full bowl of baked meat with tomatoes without any bread. The meat is the source of protein in the diet. For dinner, eat a small amount of any meat and tomato soup only. Snacks should only be water, have at least 14 glasses to cleanse the body.

Day 6
On this day, non-vegetarian food like any meat or fish can be eaten. For breakfast, have vegetables and a small piece of meat and water. For lunch a full bowl of meat and mixed vegetables without potatoes and bread is best. Some vegetable soup would be best to replenish lost energy. Drink coconut water to feel energetic during the day.

Day 7
Have starchy foods like white or brown rice but don’t eat any meat. At breakfast have some white rice followed by papaya or melon pieces and three glasses of water. At lunch have white or brown rice, mixed vegetables and one piece of mango or watermelon. For dinner avoid rice and have a full bowl of greens and \iiquids instead.

This diet pl helps you reduce up to seven to eight kilos in seven days

Side Effects (First Few Days)

Fatigue – This is usually due to lower calorie intake as only fruits and vegetables are eaten.

Cravings – Cravings are natural as the daily calorie and nutrient intake is lower than normal. But it is important to control the urge to eat.

Gas – Since fruit intake is more than the fat intake. it leads to gas formation in the stomach.

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