Depression: The Natural Way of Healing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Healing The Natural Way

Naturopathy is a simple and an effective system which depends on the inherent healing power of the human body. Everything that is required during an acute ailment and in chronic illness is to assist the body and not to interfere with healing.

Nature’s cure is unique with an unlimited potential to counter most diseases. This system removes the symptoms and exterminates the disease too. Nature’s cure helps to build up every individual’s willpower, confidence, determination, commitment and patience. Lite is nature’s gift to us so we should make the most of this gift by reverting to Mother Nature.

Treatment Of Some Diseases – The Natural Way


All acid forming foods such as bread, beans, cereals, cakes, cheese, alcohol, tea, coffee, eggs, condiments, meat, groundnut, cashew nuts, peas, rice and sugar should be reduced to a minimum while alkaline forming foods such as all fruits, all vegetables, dates, figs, milk, potatoes and soya beans should be added to the diet. A glass of warm water with lemon juice or a little honey and ginger juice ¡s a great remedy for acidity as it is the best alkaline forming natural drink.


The major cause of Anaemia is iron deficiency. A diet rich in vitamin B complex and iron ¡s most vital in the treatment of anaemia. Milk, high fibre cereal foods, green vegetable soups, beets, tomatoes, dates, figs, apples, wheatgrass juice, raw vegetable juice are a must in the diet. Lots of citrus fruits should also be included in the diet. Sun bathe with gentle deep breathing exercises to increase oxygen supply. Yoga asanas like shavasan are important measures to combat anaemia.


This disease is characterised by an infection of the bronchi, the airways leading to the lungs. Fasting on warm water with honey for two-three days removes toxins from the bowels. For children, hot water with little honey and lemon juice is a good remedy. Patients with a bronchi infection should avoid all mucus forming food such as milk, sugar, sweets, eggs, bread, banana and curd.


The treatment of cancer according to the naturopathic way is most satisfactory and effective, provided the case is not drugged with synthetic anti-cancer drugs or treated with chemotherapy. Cancer patients should remain on raw cow’s milk, honey. wheatgrass juice, raw vegetable juice, fresh fruits, and sprouted cereals (uncooked) and magnetized water for three to six months. However, it should be known that this works only in 50 per cent of the cases. Also, steam baths are helpful, once a week, to keep the skin active.


A disease in which ingested sugar is not burned by the body, the symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst, frequent urination, loss of weight and weakness. The diet should consists of curd, buttermilk, sour fruits like pineapple, jamun, tomatoes. karela and vegetable soups. Diabetics should chew wheatgrass daily. Drinking magnetized water from a copper pot is also useful. Fats, cooked starchy foods, alcohol, meat, rice, sugar, tea and potatoes should be avoided. Cold baths increase circulation and enhance the capacity of muscles to utilize sugar, hence these are a must for the treatment of diabetes.

Flatulence (Gas)

Avoid rapid and over eating. Avoid meats and heavy food too. Fast for two days on fruit juice and buttermilk. A piece of asafoetida (hing) in warm water is an effective home remedy. In extreme cases, soup made up of garlic pieces, coriander seeds, black pepper seeds and ajwain in water, should be consumed daily. Daily morning walks or outdoor exeròse like swimming and cold hip baths are also very useful.

High Blood Pressure

Salt, pickle, meat, eggs and fried food should be avoided. Work on reaching and maintaining your ¡deal weight. Green vegetables and fresh twits are essential along with a morning walk, proper rest and sleep. Also, the consumption of magnetized water reduces cholesterol levels to normal. Patients with high BP should be encouraged to eat garlic daily.

Haemorrhoids (Piles)

The diet should consist of plenty of fibre in the form of vegetables and fruits. Fried foods, meat and fish should be avoided. A fast for a week on milk or buttermilk, water and fresh fruits is very effective. Morning walk too is useful. A mixture of onion juice and white radish juice in pure ghee is a good remedy for bleeding piles. One can also use a paste of milk and white radish for external application.


Avoid sugar, starchy foods, fats, alcohol, cakes, meat, ice-creams and dairy products. Consumption of buttermilk, curd, raw or steamed vegetables and fruits like watermelon, green salads, sprouted cereals and pulses for a couple of months is a must. The morning tea should be replaced by a glass of warm water with lemon juice and honey. Steam baths once a week combined with outdoor exercises like walking, swimming etc. is also beneficial.


Fast on fruit juice and buttermilk for two days every week. Consume a natural alkaline based diet and avoid fried food. Inculcate the habit of regular walking and eating only when hungry. Buttermilk with black pepper powder and the juice from fresh ginger and lime juice are simple but effective home remedies.

Health Tip

All of the above mentioned illnesses can be combated with regular exercise, healthy eating habits and patterns.

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