5 Hottest Tips for Flat Tummy After Pregnancy Trends for 2020

5 Top Tips To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back!

As a celebrity trainer who has helped many Holywood new moms drop their post-delivery weight, I can honestly say that celebrity moms are just like regular moms. They find it hard to find the time and energy to exercise and the motivation to eat right. So how do these A-listers bounce back almost overnight? What’s their secret weapon? Well, they have me and my 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone!

A twelve week postpartum workout and nutrition plan specially designed for new moms to help them drop weight gradually and permanently at a consistent two pounds a week.

The best part of the programme is that it can be done in your home with minimal equipment. Since most moms don’t get a lot of sleep. phase one of my three phase programme takes only 20 minutes to complete. It targets the muscles of the core that have been weakened during pregnancy. Once you feel stronger you can move on to phase two. This phase increases the workout time to 40 minutes and adds some longer cardio segments to bum fat.

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Finally, phase three includes some strength training for shaping and toning and this phase becomes a one hour workout. Along with the nutrition plan which takes into consideration the calories needed for breast feeding but still allows for weight loss, the new mommies are very happy with the results. Of course ¡t takes commitment and dedication to the plan along with motivation! Here are top five motivation tips to get you on track and your post baby body back!

  • Have a support system, one person such as your spouse. a family member or friend or join a mommies group to help you stay on track.
  • Begin as soon as your doctor gives you an ok to start training. You can start with a walking programme, almost immediately.
  • Before you give birth choose the place in your home where you will begin the programme and get it ready for your workouts – stock up water nearby and have some towels, maybe a fan and some music ready.
  • Plan ahead, stock your refrigerator and cupboards with foods on the 321 BBBG nutrition plan.
  • Decide what you will wear for the exercise sessions, have shoes with support. Other.tau tools include a heart rate monitor and a pedometer, all motivational that will keep you accountable.

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