Driftwood Decor Ideas For Your Home

Driftwood Decor Ideas For Your Home

When it comes to decorating our homes, the mind always thinks of new creative options and luckily, there are many innovative decor ideas that can inspire us. One can choose to decorate their home in a range of styles like retro, vintage or contemporary. But apart from these styles, there are new trends that are always on the rise, Integrating driftwood decor in your home is a good option too and it is a must for nature lovers.

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What Is Driftwood?
Incorporating driftwood as a piece of decor is an idea that spells brilliance, as it is a rare combination of beauty complemented by eco-friendliness. The wood has a history of its own which It brings forth to your home forging its way in this world. The driftwood used for decor purposes is the wood that has been washed ashore of a lake, beach or river by the tides, winds or waves and this washed ashore wood serves as decoration in terms of furniture or any other variety of art form.

Appeals To Your Aesthetic Sense
Working with the broken pieces of wood and making amazing designs from the same, result in creations which are not only cool but strikingly unique. Some examples of driftwood pieces are tables, stools, lamps and coat racks. Apart from these, the DIV list includes – a driftwood hanger for hanging jewellery. a candle holder, a photo frame or a shelf on the wall that can be made from broad and rustic sticks of wood. Driftwood also serves as an ideal and cool decor in the form of placemats, centrepieces and table garlands.

By adding wood decorations into your home you can make it more dramatic and shiny as textiles, wires, or segments of rope that are inexpensive buys, make exquisite creations when combined with driftwood.

Driftwood decor Options
Driftwood decorations make a good combination with any kind of decor and here the many things you can make from driftwood.

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A Lamp
If you like lights, a driftwood lamp is a great way for you to put your favourite driftwood pieces on display. Also, a lamp is a unique and beautiful piece of decoration and can be made for temporary or permanent use.

Cloth Hanger
This is a practical piece of decor and it will also have a unique look.

Candle Holders
These are classical decorations in any home. You can get plenty of candle holders in the market but if you want something different and something unique, you can make your own decor pieces using driftwood.

A driftwood wreath can also be used as a decorative item in your home.

Coat Rack
Another good decor option is a coat rack. This can be made by using a piece of driftwood or a branch of a tree which can be hung on a wall or suspended from a tall structure or ceiling.

Mirror Frames
Mirrors are some of the most common decorations and a must-have in every house. Try framing the mirrors of your home with driftwood for a dramatic look.

A Runner
Yet another decorative item for your home is a table runner. You can get a driftwood one, when you cut the wood to the length of your dining table. Use the wood as a platform for items such as oranges, apples, grapes etc. for a better look, add the branches of Crabapple.

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