The Benefits of Eating Healthy Foods in School | Healthy Eating

What are the Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle in School?

Eat smart and be smart! This and other factors may make you a more successful student. By making healthy decisions, you increase your effectiveness and efficiency in and out of the classroom. Diet, exercise, rest and other factors influence your ability to learn and perform, both intellectually and physically.

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Nutrition | Benefits of Healthy Eating in School

Eating a balanced diet gives your brain the energy it needs to function properly. By eating small meals at regular intervals, there are fewer fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Many students, especially at the high school and college level, eat too many processed and fast foods. Also, most soda and caffeinated beverages contain large amounts of high fructose corn syrup and other high-caloric contents that are contraindicated in a healthy diet plan.


Exercise increases blood flow to all areas of the body, especially the brain. Physical activity decreases the incidence of mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, allowing greater ability to focus on the educational tasks at hand. Also, by maintaining a healthy body mass index, or BMI, you are less prone to many diseases that can rob your body of energy consumption such as diabetes.


Rest is a required component in a healthy lifestyle. One of the challenges of a busy course load is finding the time to fit it all in. Time management must include budgeting time for adequate sleep. According to the Student Health Services at the Oregon State University, college students report at least two times the amount of sleep issues as everyone else. Sleep deprivation hinders the ability to focus, decreased recall, as well as increases stress and depression. Ensure that your sleep is of adequate length and quality as well. Seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep are recommended.

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Choose Friends Wisely

Choose a healthy social outlet. Fellowship and camaraderie are important factors in the growth and development of school age children and young adults. Unfortunately, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, and illicit drug abuse may be prevalent in this setting. Not falling victim to peer pressure, and more importantly, choosing your friends wisely, will decrease unnecessary problems caused from poor decisions.



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