Decorating White Spaces

Decorating White Spaces

Using more of whites in a bedroom or any given space can be tricky but with the right move one can make the space look elegant. Usually whites are very ethereal in nature and hence can add a total different meaning and experience to the space.

The colour white is associated with peace, purity, innocence and light. It has many positive connotations and is considered a very clean and safe colour. It is considered to have purification vibrations because it has all rainbow colours within itself and hence is considered as a healing colour.

When decorating in white, it is very important to add a lot of textures and patterns so as to avoid a boring look.

Using more of the colour white in any room makes it look spacious. Also, it is the perfect colour to be used in small spaces because it can make even the smallest of spaces look bigger and more open. This colour is also used ¡n modern minimalistic themes as it imparts a serene calmness.

When decorating in white, ills very important to add a lot of textures and patterns so as to avoid a boring look. Patterns bring a lot of interest to an all-white space. Also, accessories in the room get a more welcoming and elegant look when used on white. For example a bright coloured painting or an antique mirror or clock gets a richer look on a white wall rather than on a coloured wall.

Decorating Tips

  • If an all-white room seems to be dull and boring, contrasts need to be emphasized. Just add few bright colour pillows or curtains to get a fresh look.
  • Wood can be used in a white room to add a more natural look. Floral wallpapers can also do wonders in a white room.
  • To maintain a monochromatic scheme, soft hues of oft-whites and creams are best. Throw in some coloured pillows and rugs or you can even add a few coloured accessories to break the monotony.
  • When it comes to white, minimal is the key.
  • Though you cannot go wrong with white, do not overcrowd the room with too many accessories or bright contrast colours.
  • Use your imagination and restyle white as you like it.

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